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BenQ Introduces Full Lineup of Interactive Flat Panels for Innovative and Interactive Classrooms



TAIPEI,TAIWAN, September 16th,2014 – BenQ, an internationallyrenowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, proudlyannounced today its all-new Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) lineup. It has alwaysbeen the company’s aspiration to create an ideal platform for simple and funclassroom interactivity and collaboration and achieve new benchmarks in itsproduct offering for total interactive classroom solutions. Now, with itslatest IFP additions, the RP700+, RP651+ and RP551+, to complete itsInteractive Flat Panel product lineup, BenQ brings interactive innovation to anew level of ease with outstanding image quality, intuitive touch solutions,innovative eye-care features and superior reliability that meet the diversedemands of school administrators, educators and learners.

EyeCare Because BenQ Cares

EyeCare has been oneof BenQ’s key product feature focuses for the past years. Most of BenQ’sdisplay products are equipped with flicker-free technology by model (RP551+ and RP651+) and Low Blue Light Modes to help reduceharmful blue light emission by up to 70%. BenQ has also incorporated anti-glaretreatment to the glass surface of the IFP panels to reduce reflection andenhance viewing clarity in the classroom. In turn, more legible text andclearer images help further prevent eyestrain and facilitate effectiveinstruction. Besides Low Blue Light technology and anti-glare panels,light-sensors are also installed in the IFP panels to enable automaticbrightness adjustment, ensuring the best viewing experience throughout the day,regardless of the light levels in the classroom. This feature also safeguardsthe eye health of students and teachers. Not to mention, by preventingexcessive brightness, theIFP panels canreduce power consumption by up to 50%.

User-Friendly for Even First-Time Users

User-friendliness iswhat makes a big difference for teachers trying to begin teaching and maintaina good flow in class. This is why BenQ keeps everything as simple as plug andplay, doing away with the hassles of complex setup such as downloading andinstalling touch drivers. With BenQ’s IFP panels, all teachers has to do isconnect them to their PC using a USB cable to begin their touch-enhanced lessonplan. There is also a pen traybuilt onto the IFP panels to provide ahandy place for storing IFP stylus and tools. Aquicker and easier set-up combined with time-saving thoughtful features doesbig wonder for an interruption-free class.

Multiple Display Administrator APP(MDA) for Better Projector Management and Maintenance

Designed to helpprojector managers better manage all the projectors in the school, the MDA APPenables centralized control and easy management for setting up schedulingsystems, email notifications for problematic projector operations, devicemonitoring and automatic shutdowns. Effective use of this handy tool will helpsave schools a significant amount of power costs.

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