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Surf the Net with BenQ nScreen i91

Surf the Net with BenQ nScreen i91


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Feb 18, 2009 – BenQ today announced the release of its first all-in-one PC, the nScreen i91, designed to give consumers a more enjoyable Internet surfing experience with its simple set-up and friendly interface like a household appliance. The streamlined, attractive design of the nScreen i91 is a new personal statement in living aesthetics.

Getting rid of complicated cables and portals, the nScreen i91 allows user to start enjoying the Internet after plugging in, switching on and going online through its simple installation and user interface. It also perfectly integrates a computer inside a high definition (HD) widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

BenQ artfully integrates the interface of a household appliance into the nScreen i91 to make operation even simpler. For example, a knob on the bottom right of the computer front functions as a power button and a volume control, much like a TV. Users can also buy an optional nScreen handset, which may be used together with a built-in 1.3M webcam as a simple Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) videophone to see and chat with families and friends more conveniently and affordably.

The streamlined design and hidden joints along the back of the screen give the entire unit an elegant and chic appearance. The sleek and trendy design not only saves space but also blends easily with any modern and elegant home decor. Moreover, the BenQ nScreen i91 saves energy by using 80 percent less power than a traditional desktop with its 30W power consumption*.

“In our dedication to bringing enjoyment and quality to life, BenQ is committed to bringing innovative designs and ‘Lookin’ Great’ products based on our understanding of consumers' lifestyle and demands, ” said Conway Lee, CEO and President of BenQ Corp. “As consumers are looking for more in their Internet experience, BenQ will continue to release ‘n’ series products. In essence, ‘n’ is a trademark representing the joy and fulfillment that come with connection to the global Internet. Through the ‘n’ series, we expect to enhance consumers’ Internet experience, enrich their online enjoyment and help with their pursuit of a digital lifestyle.”

Peter Chen, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center, also pointed out, “An easy-to-use interface has become one of the most important considerations when consumers purchase an electronic product. Creating a simplified and hassle-free user interface was therefore our main focus when developing nScreen. By eliminating hassles and making technology simple, we aim to fully satisfy the demand for simple enjoyment.”

The BenQ nScreen i91 can run instant photo-sharing software to keep users updated with all the latest photos of their families and to share precious moments together. The 18.5-inch display of the nScreen i91 can also function as a big digital photo frame, bringing users more enjoyment.

To meet demands of various users, the nScreen i91 has additional features. For seniors, the nScreen i91’s virtual magnifier function makes reading easier. It also comes with a senior mode to lower high audio frequencies and make sound clearer. Professional users can easily open the nScreen’s back cover to upgrade hard drives or memory chips without using screwdrivers. With these customized features, BenQ is offering users simple digital enjoyment without the fuss.

The BenQ’s nScreen i91 will be available from the end of February 2009 in China, Taiwan, and other Asian markets. For more information, please visit

* Power consumption may vary by different operational modes.