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BenQ nReader Ushers In a New e-Reading Era in Taiwan

BenQ nReader Ushers In a New e-Reading Era in Taiwan


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, November 17, 2009 – Backed by the heavy input of the BenQ AUO Group and its solid capacity for hand-held devices following years of development, BenQ debuts its e-Reader today, boasting optimal Chinese-language e-reading experience and integrated purchasing and storing service for e-books in Chinese, English, and Japanese. BenQ’s first e-reader, dubbed nReader, will enable consumers to retrieve and read digital contents of over millions of books, newspapers and magazines anytime, anywhere. The innovative service is expected to trigger transformation in the lifestyle of Chinese-language reading, ushering in a new e-reading era in Taiwan. The first model of nReader is scheduled to hit the Taiwan market next January.

Along with the thriving development of the digital-contents industry, e-reader is expected by many to become a mainstream technology in the early 21st century. Topology Research Institute, an industry research body, projects that the global e-reading population will top 26.5 million by 2013. In line with the current, BenQ rolls out the first e-reader capable of supporting Chinese, English, and Japanese languages, capitalizing on its core mobile-technology capability, the abundant resources of the BenQ AUO Group in visual technology, and international award-acknolwdged product design strength.

Jerry Wang, BenQ’s vice chairman, remarks that “BenQ nReader will trigger the evolution of Chinese-language reading lifestyle and forge a reading experience most akin to print version, providing readers the pleasure of purchasing, reading, and collecting books as they like.”

In addition to pioneering provision of buying service and reading experience for books in Chinese, English, and Japanese languages, nReader also boasts three main features, meant to meet the needs of readers :
* iNfinity : nReader offers some millions of books in Chinese, English, and Japanese languages, including popular Chinese-langague books, Chinese-langage magazines, Japanese comic books and novels, and English and European-language works. In line with the thriving development of digital contents, nReader will continue increasing its conetns, promisng infinite expandability.

* eNjoyment: Despite its light weight, nReader can store up to 4,000 books, making it the optimal personal bookshelf. nReader offers a reading experience emulating print book in its design: high resolution of 800x600, 16-layer high-grade gray reading area, natural-light reading, and absence of glitter, glare, and backlight, suited for long-time interior and outdoor reading, without any burden on eyes, just like print books. The vertical shape fits Chinese-language contents and other design details, including materials, color, and body, are all meant to augment reading pleasure and efficiency, helping eyes to focus on texts. Flower relief on the back reduces palm sweat and enhances holding comfort. Six-inch touch screen facilities operation by instinct, enabling readers to select, buy, and search books at one finger tip easily.

* Network: nReader is just like a mobile bookstore, allowing entrance to consumers via 3G wireless network card or WLAN for buying, reading, and storing books anytime, anywhere. In addition to built-in memories, capacity of nReader can be expanded to over 10,000 books via MicroSD expansion slot. nReader is supportive of various e-reader, graphic, and music formats, free from the confinement of border and format, and boasts audio function, enabling consumers to listen to the contents of the books and music via earphone.