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BenQ China Launches “Digital Cameras for Rural Area” Campaign

BenQ China Launches “Digital Cameras for Rural Area” Campaign


Taipei, Taiwan, May 7, 2009  – As a payback to Chinese rural consumers for their long-standing patronage and an expression of its care for their welfare, BenQ China launched the one-month “digital cameras for rural areas” promotion campaign on the eve of the May 1 Golden Week holiday, offering the company’s digital cameras at discounted prices to rural consumers.

Initial reception to the campaign has been good, which is expected to boost the sales performance of BenQ digital cameras in China’s sub-fourth tier cities from May.

BenQ decided to carry out the campaign, although digital cameras have yet to be included into the list eligible for government subsidy under the Chinese government’s “home appliances for rural areas” program, in view of growing popularity of digital cameras in China, including rural communities, in recent years.

Backed by its solid technological strength and world-renowned design capability, BenQ is one of the few leading brands from Asia in the 3C field, having made major inroads into the digital-camera market. In 2008, BenQ digital cameras boasted 2% share in the Chinese market, ranking 10th place and posing as the only brand from Greater China among the 10 leading brands in the market, according to GFK, a noted market research firm. In addition to traditional sales channels, the company also moves its products via emerging channels, such as 3C outlets, online shopping, and TV shopping, leading to continuous rise in its market share.

BenQ’s sales of digital cameras in the Chinese market jumped over 50% year-on-year to over 50,000 units in April 2009, and combined sales in the last week of April and the May 1 Golden Week already topped 10,000 units, underscoring promising business outlook for the year.

Hank Horng, President of BenQ China, pointed out that BenQ digital cameras have repeatedly scored record sales in China, reflecting the growing trust in BenQ brand among local consumers, an exceptional achievement especially in view of the strong competitions of Japanese and Korean brands. Horng is confident that BenQ will be capable of not only rivaling but also overtaking Korean and Japanese brands, thereby creating a brand worthy of pride by Chinese people.

The capacity of the Chinese digital-camera market is expected to hit 12 million units in 2009, including five million in the first half. Capitalizing on the effect of the “camera for rural areas” campaign, BenQ targets to rack up 3.5% market share in the first half and challenge the 5% mark in the second half.