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Why Benq DesignVue Series Embodies a Thoughtful and Sleek Design


BenQ AQCOLOR monitors are a well-established choice for color-critical professionals in the design and photography industries. They have gained such a reputation thanks to their unique set of tools that allows the user to improve their workflow and be more efficient at what they do. A significant part of the value of our brand comes from the careful selection of the best components and technology, but another large part comes from its thoughtful industrial design.

Our AQCOLOR PD series monitors such as the PD2720U represent the pride that BenQ puts into crafting some of the most advanced and beautiful monitors for designers. As the end-users, designers have both the need for high-performance devices as well as an elevated aesthetic sense. DesignVue monitors deliver on both fronts notably well.

Simple Design

We understand that designers value simplicity and the less-is-more approach to their work. Taking this design philosophy into account, the industrial design of our DesignVue monitors emphasizes clean lines, premium materials, and functionality. Our PD series monitors seamlessly integrate into your work environment without disrupting its aesthetic balance. We believe that such a neat and beautiful monitor promotes more focused and practical work.

The materials used in this line of monitors give them a professional and premium character. We use brushed metal for the base of the monitor because it matches other hardware that you might already have on your desk. Additionally, the weight of the metal makes the monitor more stable and quickly adjustable to a high degree of precision.  The choice of materials in these monitors makes them easy to blend in at any designer's desk.

However, perhaps the most identifiable aspect of the DesignVue monitors is their form. Besides the large screen, there will be very few things to distract you from work. The base itself is ultra-thin and provides a usable space to rest a keyboard or even a laptop. The screen of this monitor is virtually bezel-less, making it easy to use two side by side. All the small details are careful design decisions meant to make the monitor more beautiful, more functional, or more powerful.

Form Meets Function

It's worth mentioning that a monitor such as the PD2720U wouldn't just win beauty pageants, but also many specs and functionality judgments. In that beautiful encasing, you will find a top of the line panel with excellent color rendition and the most modern I/O such as USB-C for single-cable connectivity.

USB-C is one of the best features of this monitor. It allows for a single cable to carry video and audio signals from your laptop to the monitor and power back to your computer using the power delivery standard. What this means in real life is that you don't need cables all over your desk, even your laptop's power brick can remain packed away. Mac users will appreciate this feature particularly.


Our BenQ AQCOLOR PD2720U DesignVue monitor includes all the things that make us a top brand for color-critical professionals. Our design is simple and matches the needs and expectations of designers. The materials that go into our products are carefully selected and improve their beauty and functionality. And, lastly, we integrate the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve.