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Why can’t I select 4K resolution on my Mac device on my BenQ 4K monitor?


Regarding the lack of a 4K option in Mac OS via USB-C or DisplayPort, the reason may be that the Mac needs 4-lane bandwidth Main Link to reach 4K resolution on external monitors. Otherwise, a no 4K option issue may occur if DisplayPort/USB-C provide only 2-lane bandwidth. Thus, we suggest you follow these steps as a workaround.               

●For SW271C/SW321C/SW271: 

Go to OSD menu > System > USB-C Configuration > UHD@60Hz + USB 2.0

●For PD2705U/PD3205U:

Go to OSD menu > System > USB-C Configuration > USB 2.0

Applicable Models

PD3205U, PD2705U, SW271, SW271C , SW271C

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