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How do I use the projector to watch Netflix with QS01?


Yes, it is possible to do so; please follow the instructions below.

Before starting, please make sure you’ve updated the firmware to the latest version.

1. Download “Apps Manager” from the Google Play on your projector

2. Download “Netflix” app 

3. Allow all Netflix access

4. Important! Never update the Netflix version and always click the “CANCEL”
    button to ensure the use of Netflix.

5. Please use the “BenQ Smart Control app” on your phone for navigation

Or, follow the instruction video below to install Netflix after the firmware is updated to the latest version:

For the most user-friendly experience, make sure to download "BenQ Smart Control" app via Google Play or App Store to control Netflix smoothly. 

Learn more about the BenQ Smart Control app

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.

*NOTE: You CAN NOT cast Netflix on the projector via any wireless casting
 because of copyright protection policies.

Applicable Models

GP500, GS50, GV11, GV30, HT3550i, QS01 Android TV Dongle, TH685i, TK700STi, TK850i, V7050i, X1300i, X3000i

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