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Can I use the projector to watch Netflix?


Yes. Here are the ways to watch Netflix:

1. Download and install the Netflix app from the Aptoide TV market (which is preloaded on the projector). Sign in with your Netflix account to watch videos on the projector.

2. Use your laptop (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) to cast. Make sure both the projector and laptop are under the same wireless network. See below for further details:

Google Cast on PC or Laptop via Google Chrome Browser : Visit the Netflix website. On your Google Chrome browser select “Customize and control Google Chrome”

Select "Cast tab”- > Choose BenQ projector model number-xxxx - > Start Google Cast on the Chrome tab.  Select Both Screens on the pop-up window, then you can watch big screen Netflix content on projector.

3. Stream content from an Android mobile device with a Type-C cable and DisplayPort function to projector via USB-C Gen3.1 cable.

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