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What is Paper Color Sync software?


Paper color sync software allows user to preview the print out color on the monitor to minimize the color difference between the monitor and the final print out result. Combine Paper Color Sync and the A.R.T. panel which can best reproduce the simulated view for the closest paper feel, Photographers can thus edit photos with efficiency and confidence in this time-saving process and gain a screen preview that is closest to what you will see on the print paper.

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1. Paper Color Sync and user manual download. Please download from monitor's support page.

2. Printer supported by Paper Color Sync.

BenQ Paper Color Sync currently support Canon PIXMA PRO-10, PRO-100 and EPSON SurColor P600, P800.

3. Paper supported by Paper Color Sync.

Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster, Photo Plus Semi-gloss and EPSON Velvet Fine Art Paper, Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper. For more printer and paper updates please refer to the specification  on the product page.  

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