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Refurbished Lamps and Computer Lights / Refurbished Desk Lamps / Floor Lamp (Galaxy Silver) - Refurbished

Floor Lamp (Galaxy Silver) - Refurbished | LED Floor Lamp, Auto-Dimming, Hue Adjustable, Wide illumination, Eye-Care, for More Diverse Reading Environment

  • 150% wider lighting coverage than the average desk lamp

  • Built-in smart lighting technology adjusts the brightness to match the ambient light

  • Easily switch from warm to cooler tones


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e-Reading Floor Lamp

Create a more vast and
more diverse reading environment
Tailor Made
Tailor Made
The World's First LED Lamp
for E-Reading

Wide - Provides a wider 35" lighting range
Intelligent - Smart e-Reading mode
Tailor-Made - Dimmable cool white and warm white

The Evolution of Lamps
Different Lamps for Different Lifestyles

A hundred years ago, the world’s very first lamp made its debut. At the time, we only had books on our desks. A hundred years later, new technological devices like computers, smartphones and iPads have entered the scene, but we are still use the same old lamp. Over the years, our lifestyle has changed drastically, but the evolution of lamps has remained stagnant. With this idea in mind, BenQ has decided to create an illumination solution, aiming to introduce the first lamp specifically designed for the modern digital era to the world.

Evenly-Distributed and Wide Lighting Coverage
Auto-Dimming Mode
Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness

Built-in sensor to detect ambient lighting, and wide coverage to deliver the perfect illumination for working in front of digital screens. The world's very first LED e-reading lamp designed for 21st century digital life. Treat your exhausting eyes better with the right lamp.

Wider 35" lighting range

The Smile Curve Technology lights up an expansive 35" range, 150% wider than typical lamps on the market, as well as achieve the illuminance of 500 lux at your desk. The BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp can illuminate your reading world more evenly and with a wider spectrum.

Smart e-Reading mode

With just one touch on the ring to activate the e-Reading mode, the built-in ambient light sensor detects the light of the environment and the BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp delivers the patented 'brighter at the sides, darker in the middle' illumination to reduce the contrast glare and the reflection on your screens.

Dimmable cool white and warm white

Simply turn the rotary knob to fine tune the color temperature and brightness to suit your reading needs. Go with a cooler temperature for your problem-solving tasks; go with the warmer tones for relaxing. Casual Reading or Concentrated Working

Aesthetics Outside,
Technology Inside
The High-tech lamp for the digital era

A. Flicker-free LED driver IC offers constant and even lighting
B. Ambient light sensor detects environment illumination
C. Curved light guide module widens the illumination area D. The LED complied with the IEC/EN62471 photobiological safety regulation does not harm your eyes

High Flexibility

BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp has a ball-joint to optimize the flexibility of the lamp cap and the highly durable torque springs. The precise friction control can counter-balance the weight. So you can easily adjust the LED light to the angles that you need.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The light cap utilizes lightweight aluminum alloy to dissipate the heat generated by the LED, thereby extending the lifespan of the LED over typical plastic caps. For torque springs, zinc alloy is used to enhance the stability and durability. All BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp materials meet the restrictions in the EU Directive, RoHS (2002/95/EC).

International Safety Standards

All BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp materials meet the restrictions in the EU Directive, RoHS (2002/95/EC). The BenQ e-Reading LED Floor Lamp has passed international safety standards certification to ensure your safety.