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Projectors / Home Entertainment Projector / TK800M | 4K Sports Projector / Reviews

4K Sports Projector with HDR10/HLG, 3000 Lumen | TK800M

  • True 4K UHD 3840x2160 8.3M Pixel resolution

  • Vivid Colors, High Brightness for Ambient Light, & 3D Compatible

  • Dedicated Modes for Football & Sports Enjoyment for Sports Fans

Price $ 1449

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"3D might be gone from new flat-panel TVs, but it’s still going strong in projectors. Whereas the TK800 required manual setup of 3D over-under and side-by-side timing, the TK800M automatically selects the correct timing for 720p and 1080p at 50 and 60 Hz (side-by-side) and 1080p at 50 and 60 Hz (over-under). It can also display frame-sequential 3D up to 720p at 120 Hz and frame-packed 3D up to 1080p at 24 Hz."
"If you enjoy watching live sports, want to use your projector in a room with ambient light, or want to experience amazing 4K then you’ll love this projector."