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High Resolution & High Brightness Smart Projector for Quality and Reliable Daily Presentation For Blended Learning | EW800ST

  • Up to 15,000 hours of quality projection

  • With OTA instant updates your projectors will always get the latest BenQ Launcher firmware

  • IT administrators can manage all projectors from one central location

Price $ 999

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lended Learning Is the Future of Education. Is Your School Ready?
Teachers all over the world are embracing blended learning

76% of educators believe blended learning helps students perform better and half of all schools have already adopted this approach.

Students blossom when exposed to blended learning

Over 60% of students feel more comfortable expressing themselves in classrooms that use blended learning. This approach can also improve their test scores.

Teachers all over the world are embracing blended learning

70% of schools have reduced costs by moving their teaching admin system and data sharing to the cloud.

Unleash Your Classrooms’ Creativity

By removing the constraints of limited hardware, you’ll empower your teachers to create the ideal learning environment. Giving your teachers the best classroom tools will help them make stronger connections with students and work their teaching magic every day.

Personal cloud storage makes integrating online and face-to-face classes easy

By either simply scanning an on-screen QR Code or logging in manually, teachers can access their personal cloud storage and integrate it with their BenQ AMS account. BenQ AMS lets your teachers manage their materials for both online and face-to-face classes in one place, simplifying their workflow and saving time.
*AMS is an exclusive software of BenQ, users can download user manual to know more

Deliver notifications wirelessly without interrupting class

X-Sign Broadcast is the wireless system that gets important messages where they need to go without disrupting class. You and your staff can pre-schedule messages or send immediate announcements, either to individual classrooms or to every class throughout the school.
*X-Sign Broadcast is an exclusive software of BenQ, users can download user manual to know more

Get instant information during class

The BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projector allows teachers to perform instant internet searches via Firefox. Not having to rely on other devices during class can help your teachers get the information they need without disrupting teaching flow.
*Download from BenQ Suggest beforehand is required

Turn a smart device into a powerful remote control

Teachers can download the BenQ Smart Control app to their smartphone or tablet and use it to control the projector. By allowing your teachers to use devices they’re familiar with, BenQ Smart Control makes class time a naturally interactive environment in which the focus shifts from the lecturer to the learners.

Learning without Limitations

Blended learning lets teachers and students break away from the traditional, one-way lecturing mode and overcome challenges posed by location, tools, and course content. Students will be able to explore knowledge with devices they’re familiar with, communicate and share freely, and learn from one another.

Control the big screen

Support for HID-compliant mice gives students complete control of on-screen content and makes classroom learning even more flexible.

Unlock students’ creativity and potential

BenQ’s Smart Interactive Classroom Projector supports wireless projection from many different sources, allowing students to share their ideas without having to plug in or unplug devices. Wireless projection will empower your students to share their ideas their way, quickly and conveniently.

Uncover the Important Details

For many of today’s students, vision is the primary means of learning. Vivid, lifelike imagery helps students feel more involved and better focused, making it easier for them to excel during class.

True-to-life imagery maximizes impact

Infographic Mode can enhance teaching materials, making them clearer, more accurate, and more lifelike, so that your students can learn more effectively.

Vivid videos make a deeper impression

Designed to satisfy teachers who like to share video content, Video Mode is optimized to deliver clear video playback even in brightly lit classrooms. Your students will be able to appreciate every detail with more clarity than ever before.

Display Your Wisdom and Show Your School That You Care

When designing the ideal learning environment, it’s not enough to just consider what a given technology can do. It’s also important to consider the long-term value and benefits of any technology you introduce to your school. Maximizing the lifespan and reliability of your school’s technology will show everyone you’re a visionary yet thrifty decision maker.

The most crucial protection: Anti-dust accumulation sensor

The sensor in BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projectors features an innovative dustproof design. Its convex shape prevents dust from accumulating on the color wheel, ensuring superb color accuracy and effectively prolonging projector lifespan.

Internationally recognized IP5X-certified dustproof technology

The BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projector engine is IP5X-certified. Offering complete protection against hair, dust, and other particulate matter, the BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projector guarantees a superb experience for your teachers over the long term.

Reliable performance even in harsh environments

BenQ’s projectors are put through exclusive Accelerated Dust and Composited Dust Tests to simulate how they will handle harsh environments over years of use. These tests let BenQ measure projectors’ dustproofing before they hit the market to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Energy efficient projection for years and years

BenQ’s Lamp Save Mode can allow a projector’s light source to deliver up to 15,000 hours of quality projection. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership, making BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projectors a wise choice for both today and tomorrow.

Save time and labor with centralized control

BenQ’s exclusive DMS Local and MDA systems let your school centralize projector control via a local network so that your IT administrators can manage all projectors from one central location. By eliminating the need for staff to go from room to room and manage projectors individually, these systems can greatly reduce the labor and costs typically associated with projectors.

System firmware updates

Administrators can system firmware update on the same local network via LAN. *For more information about the tool, please contact BenQ service.

Keep your projectors up-to-date automatically

With OTA instant updates your projectors will always get the latest BenQ Launcher firmware. This ensures projector reliability and stability and allows your teachers and students to make the most of their time together.