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Projectors / Accessories / WDP02 / Specifications

Wireless FHD Kit | WDP02

  • Uncompressed streaming with resolution up to 1080p 60Hz

  • Stream up to 100 feet with no latency for great gaming experience

  • Support up to 4 HDMI source devices


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All Specifications
Model Name‎

WDP02T (Transmitter) / WDP02R (Receiver

Wireless Operating Frequencies

4.9~ 5.9GHz (Include non-DFS and DFS Frequency Bands)‎


High performance internal antennas x 4‎

System Latency‎


Up to 6 Mbps audio stream:‎

Support AC3 and DTS‎

2 Channel PCM :‎

16~24 bits audio sample with 32~96KHz sampling rate‎

Transmission Distance‎

The maximum video transmission range is 30 meters (100 feet) 


Line of sight (LOS) scenarios (The minimum range is 2 meters) 

* if more than one pair is in operation, each of transmitter and receiver should be at least 2 meters away from one another.‎ 


HDMI Input / Transmitter:X4, Receiver:N/A‎

HDMI Output / Transmitter:X1, Receiver:X1‎

IR Control‎

IR Sensor / Transmitter:Yes, Receiver:Yes‎

IR Blaster Extender / Transmitter:Yes (2.5mm Jack), Receiver:N/A‎

IR Sensor Extender‎ / Transmitter:N/A, Receiver:Yes‎


Power‎ / Transmitter:Yes, Receiver:Yes‎

Source‎ / Transmitter:Yes, Receiver:Yes‎


Input‎: Transmitter:5V DC Jack, Receiver:5V mini USB‎

Power Supply‎

100~ 240V AC in, 5V 2A DC out Power Adaptor‎

Operating Temperature‎


Remote Control‎

X 1‎

IR Blaster Cable‎

X 1

Mounting holder‎

X 1‎


X 2‎


X 1‎


X 1‎

Tx DC Power Adaptor‎

(w/ multi-nation plugs - US/UK/EU/CN/AU)‎

Mini USB Cable + RX Power Adaptor‎

(w/ multi-nation plugs - US/UK/EU/CN/AU)‎

HDMI Cable‎

X 1‎

Color Space‎


Deep Color‎

Yes‎, TX input :12 / 10 / 8 bits RX : 8bit output.1, TX output :8bits‎



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