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Acer CM Springs Into the New Season with New Logo, New Name and Hot List of Multimedia Products for the Technology-Savvy Home and Office


Hitting All the Hot Product Categories for Today's Multimedia Market

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (May 7, 2001) - Acer Communications & Multimedia America Inc. (www.acercm.com) today announced the latest in its top-performing multimedia line, underscoring the company's new focus on leading-edge technology for the well-equipped multimedia home and office. The line includes the latest in optical storage, featuring the street's fastest USB portable CD-RW (compact disc - read/write) - clocked at 24-speed (6 x 4 x 24). The new line continues with sleek flat-panel LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors that add a high-tech look to any home or office as well as compact digital projectors that weigh in at under three pounds - some of the lightest in the industry. The multimedia offering is rounded out by several imaging and input devices including a 2700 dpi (dots-per-square inch) infrared film scanner that can simultaneously hold six film strips and two types of portable keyboards designed for the Palm Pilot (a micro-sized clip-on and an ultra-slim foldable). These products signify Acer CMA's commitment to the Northern American market, providing technology peripherals with a strong value.

Optical Storage
Now available from Acer CMA is the portable CD-RW 6424MU, selling for an estimated street price of $219. In addition, the external CD-RW 6406EU will be offered for approximately $179 and is the first external CD-RW to offer 6x writing speed for USB interface. Coming in late-September is the 1212EF, an external combination CD-RW/DVD player that will be competitively priced in the market. All three products offer state-of-the-art Seamless Link technology. Working to prevent buffer under-run, this technology helps to compensate for slow CPUs, allows for multi-tasking, helps eliminate problems associated with network or interface difficulties and, finally, compensates for physical errors such as scratches or fingerprints.

Digital Displays
As the second largest manufacturer in the world of LCD panels, Acer CMA applies this expertise to its latest flat-panel offerings - the impressively-sized FP751 with a total viewable area of 17" (equivalent to 19" in standard CRT monitor terms) and the sleek, brushed-metal FP581 with a 15" screen (equivalent to 17" standard) and a convenient foldable based that allows for easy toting. Acer CMA continues its sleek factor by introducing a sub-three pound digital projector to its line of high-performance multimedia display products. Designed for corporate sales executives, the Acer SL700X can easily be carried to meetings in a computer carry case along with the laptop. In addition, the mobility of the SL700X makes it ideal for educational institutions that must share one projector among many classrooms or departments. The SL700X model will be available in June 2001 with an MSRP of $4,499.

Input Devices
Made specifically for the Palm Pilot V/Vx, the Acer G500 foldable keyboard is one of the premier personal device applications (PDA) to enter the competitive mobile market. Folded, the keyboard is small enough to fit unobtrusively in a shirt pocket, yet sits as a regular size board for easy data entry into the Palm. The Acer G500 is available for $89.99 in August. The Acer G300, competitive in size and price, is the lightest and smallest keyboard offered for the Palm V/Vx. Weighing in at 1.4 ounces, the Acer G300 will be available in June and priced to sell at $49.95.

Imaging Devices
Rounding out the Acer CMA product line is the ScanWit 2740S-film scanner, the lowest priced infrared scanner on the market. Priced at $649.99, the ScanWit is compatible with a wide range of film formats: 35mm filmstrip and 35mm-mounted slide.

About Acer CMA
Acer Communications & Multimedia Group is one of the world's leading computer peripheral manufacturers and suppliers with revenues of over $2.4 billion in 2000. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Acer Communications & Multimedia America is a subsidiary the third largest PC manufacturer in the world with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. Acer CMA products are sold throughout North America and include monitors, scanners, projectors, optical storage devices and keyboards. Numerous Acer CMA products have been ranked among the top five in the world.

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