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Acer Peripherals America Changes its name to Acer Communications & Multimedia Inc.

Company positions itself as a world leader in Digital Multimedia and Telecommunications


SAN JOSE, CA- In order to better reflect its actual nature of business and its future development directions, Acer Peripherals America (APA) has changed its name to Acer Communications & Multimedia America Inc. (Acer CMA). A subsidiary business unit of Acer Communications & Multimedia, Inc. based in Taiwan, Acer CMA's name change was an evolutionary move after the parent company had changed names in July, 2000. The new name carries a great deal of significance, as president K.Y. Lee points out: "The change from Acer Peripherals, which we've used for sixteen years, to Acer Communications & Multimedia, more accurately expresses the company's positioning and emphasizes our development focus on telecommunications products and digital media." K.Y. Lee notes that in addition to the expansion of the company's range of peripherals to include digital multimedia solutions, and the increasing share of the company's output devoted to telecommunications products, Acer Peripherals has entered the wideband network business, as well as investing in key electronics components industry. Thus, the company's original name could no longer completely reflect the full range of its business interests. K.Y. Lee also reveals that the Acer CM Group's business plans for the 21st century will expand its focus to include the areas designated by the term WWW*COM. While the three W's stand for Web, Wireless and

Wideband, the letters in COM represent the integrated technologies of Acer CM's Computer Peripherals, Optronics and Multimedia product lines. The star situated between WWW and COM denotes the synergy between the WWW and COM areas. With its new direction established, Acer Communications & Multimedia has already taken its place as a leader for the 21st century in Taiwan's high-tech industry. In the Internet era, the use of information makes getting online a virtual necessity, and whether access to the Internet is achieved through phone lines or wireless technologies, Internet usage falls within the realm of telecommunications. Acer CM's WWW strategy derives from the company's realization of the importance of the Internet access environment. As it moves forward with its new name, WWW*COM demonstrates Acer CM's commitment to promoting improvements to human life through the application of the most promising technologies in the 21st century. Acer Communications & Multimedia Inc. is one of the world's leading computer peripheral manufacturers and suppliers with revenues of over $1.5 billion in 1999. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Acer Communications & Multimedia America is a subsidiary of the Acer Group, the third largest PC manufacturer in the world with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. Acer CMA products are sold throughout North and South America and include monitors, projectors, scanners, telecommunications equipment, optical storage devices, and keyboards. Numerous Acer CMA products have been ranked among the top five in the world.

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