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ADT to co-operate with IBM technology for TFT LCD production


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, March 17, 1998, The Acer Group announces that Acer Display Technology (ADT), a member company of the Acer Group, has signed an agreement with IBM to license TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) technology. This multi-year agreement will enable ADT to quickly develop the manufacturing processes necessary to produce high yields of LCDs driven by amorphous silicon thin-film transistors. These processes will be used to make high-quality "active matrix" screens typically used in notebook PCs, LCD monitors and other video display products. With IBM technology, ADT will mass produce the newest generation of TFT LCDs in Taiwan to support the domestic market.

ADT Chairman, KY Lee emphasizes, "Because domestic market demand of LCD monitors and notebook PCs has risen so quickly, ADT has taken the initiative to capitalize on this growth through mass production of TFT LCDs. ADT chooses to license technology from IBM because it has the most advanced TFT LCD technology, the highest yield rate for mass production, well established R&D centres in Japan and the US, and also, a proven reputation as an industry leader in the LCD field."

ADT President HB Chen says, "Among all the domestic companies that have started to produce TFT LCD modules, ADT has the highest degree of niche speciality and the most competitive advantages. ADT can draw from a wealth of Acer Group LCD application expertise, rigorous quality control techniques and technical service to smoothly enter the domestic market and satisfy market needs."

Stan Shih, Acer Group Chairman and CEO, notes, "With IBM technology, ADT will mass produce the newest generation of TFT LCDs in Taiwan to support the Taiwan market and continue its own advances in this important and expanding field. This corporation represents another promising stride that Acer has made in the key component industry."

Located in Hsin-Chu Industrial Science Park, ADT plans to invest US$600M in LCD mass production factory and equipment and will start to produce TFT LCDs by Q2 of '99.