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BenQ’s QisDesign Premium LED Lighting Fixtures Set to Shine in North America

Premium Lamps Blend Sophisticated Design and Innovative Technology to Provide Sensory-Rich Experiences

LAS VEGAS 2013 International CES Jan. 7, 2013 BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced today that its QisDesign brand of premium LED lighting fixtures will soon be making its North American debut. Inspired by the world around them, the award-winning LED lamps offer contemporary designs, sensory-rich lighting experiences, and interactive features designed to brighten any home environment.

“BenQ’s new QisDesign premium light fixtures will bring a new level of sophistication to the home LED marketplace," said Lars Yoder, President of BenQ America Corp. “Winners of more than 100 international design awards, the LED lamps blend form and function by combining innovative LED technology with inspired designs. They are made to complement any setting, stimulate the imagination, and provide significant energy savings to users.”

The QisDesign collection offers table, floor, wall, and suspension lamps that mimic the real-life wonder of soaring birds, flamenco dancing, or calm ocean corals. The premium product line includes:

  • Aurelia Light: Inspired by the mesmerizing moon jellyfish, the Aurelia Light combines beauty with interactive operation. Featuring a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, the suspension also has a two-way light switch for easy luminosity adjustment.
  • Flamenca Light: The Flamenca LED table lamp is an ambient light that captures the playfulness of a flamenco dancer’s twirling skirt. By gently pressing on the metallic-like plate, users can easily switch to a “dancing mode” to create a soft, flowing lighting effect.
  • BE Light: With its clever hinge design, the BE Light can be extended or folded to make efficient use of desk or floor space. The LED lamp’s refined metallic finish further gives the light a stylish and sophisticated look.
  • Coral Reef Light: Inspired by the calm of coral reefs, the Coral Reef Light is shaped like a petal of organic light. The floor lamp features three overlapping layers that can be activated independently by being swiveled, while the table lamp’s single adjustable layer is initiated by a touch dimmer on the stand.
  • Coral Light: To mimic how corals reflect light rays through the sea, the Coral Light creates mesmerizing visual effects on tables, floors, walls, or ceilings. Thanks to a special diffusion technique, the light emitted by LED bulbs is evenly distributed from the edge of each diffuser.
  • Seagull Light: The Seagull Light features two knobs on the main body — one on the front for adjusting brightness and one on the back for adjusting lighting angles. The lamp’s “wings” change positions in accordance with the light adjustment to imitate a seagull soaring through the sky.
  • Piano Light: The Piano Light allows users to create light as if playing the keys of a piano. This sleek feel coupled with a playable interface brings consumers a unique lighting experience.
  • Crystal Light: Designed to amaze with color-changing features, the Crystal Light is composed of various shimmering “crystals” that consumers can assemble into any form they like. A remote control allows for the creation of different lighting effects to fit any mood or setting.

BenQ’s QisDesign LED lighting fixtures are available now at select retailers nationwide. Information on the full line of QisDesign LED Lighting fixtures is available at https://www.QisDesign.com/ .

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About QisDesign
Established in 2009, QisDesign was created by the internationally acclaimed design teams within the BenQ Group. QisDesign is a premiere lifestyle product design brand that promotes “interactive fun” through the optimal combination of form/design and function/technology. Echoing the eco-design trend, QisDesign combines energy efficient green LED technology and original designs to amaze consumers by providing them with unique sensory-rich experiences that fulfill functionality and inspire emotions.

About BenQ Group
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