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BenQ Latest News & Updates

Introducing W1100/W1200 Full HD H

BenQ Ships W1100 and W1200 Full HD Projectorsfor Home Entertainment

Irvine, CA – March 9, 2011 - BenQ, the number one DLP® Projector brand in the world, announces shipment of its two latest projectors for the home entertainment market. The new W1100 and W1200 projectors are designed for the true home entertainment enthusiast and the AV fanatic ready to move from traditional day-to-day television to big screen entertainment. Both new Full HD 1080p projectors are engineered using Texas Instruments’ DLP technology, to deliver remarkable color and detail, high brightness and extremely high contrast ratios with virtually no color decay.
W1100: Transform Your Living Room Into A Home Theater
The W1100 is convenient, affordable and easy to set up, and features Full HD 1080p resolution and a high quality twelve lens optical system to produce an extremely sharp picture quality.
The W1100 achieves an extraordinary audio-visual experience with an enhanced brightness of 2000 ANSI lumen, 4500:1 contrast ratio, and a full 10-bit color processor. The result is astounding precision, rendering every color, shadow and shape in extraordinary detail. The W1100 also features a color management system providing superbly balanced hue, adjusted to the users preferred contrast, brightness, color temperature, gamma, and white balance levels.
Another highlight of the W1100 is impressive sound quality. With built-in SRS WOW HD sound technology and dual 10 Watt built-in speakers with dedicated sound chambers, the W100 provides a dynamic audio experience. Consumers now have the option to enjoy great sound right out of the box without the additional expense of add-on sound systems.
The W1100 is available in March and has an MSRP of $1,499.
W1200: Top of the Line Home Entertainment with Big Screen Enjoyment
Similar to the W1100, the W1200 is engineered with Texas Instruments’ DLP engine design, Full HD 1080p resolution and a full 10-bit color processor, while offering a brightness of 1800 ANSI lumen and a 5,000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio.
The technology rich W1200 also features Advanced Color Wheel Coating technology to boost color saturation (with 85% NTSC color gamut display), providing breathtaking colors. When the Advanced Color Wheel Coating technology is combined with the Full HD optimized optical system, the W1200 delivers pristinely pure colors in every detail, and is virtually free of color delays.
Additionally, W1200 incorporates the latest projector technology, including video Frame Interpolation technology, eliminating motion blur, to provide an ultra-smooth, high quality image, even with the most demanding, fast-motion picture content.
The W1200 has qualified to receive the highly respected ISFccc certification from the Imaging Science Foundation for optimized performance for your home environment.
The W1200 is available in March with an MSRP of $1,999.
For additional information on the full line of BenQ products call (949) 255-9500 or visit https://www.BenQ.us