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For Peace of Mind & Quality Assurance, Only Purchase Through BenQ Authorized Dealers


BenQ is committed to Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to the lives of our customers through excellence in product and service. As such, we recommend that consumers purchase BenQ products solely from Authorized BenQ Dealers. BenQ products purchased from unauthorized dealers – whether online or from a store – may have been compromised. Common unscrupulous practices by unauthorized dealers include selling product with missing or altered serial numbers; missing parts; selling refurbished products as new; selling standard included parts as extra accessories. Consequently, products purchased from unauthorized dealers may not qualify for warranty coverage by BenQ. By making your BenQ product purchase through an Authorized Dealer, you are also assured safe, honest transaction practices. For a list of Authorized BenQ Dealers, please click here. https://www.benq.us/wheretobuy/index-us.cfm