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BenQ Latest News & Updates

BenQ Partners with Flow Gaming



Flow Gaming, a well known multigaming organization in North America, today announces their sponsorship agreement with BenQ.

As part of the agreement, BenQ will provide Flow Gaming with top of the line computer monitors for use at home and event play; these monitors will be the latest of cutting edge technology with the lowest response times guaranteeing the best in LCD technology. BenQ will also be sending Flow Gaming high end projectors to be used at home and while at events for the purposes of the team watching demos while preparing for events in the hotel; this will put us one step closer to the level professional sports are on today.

Tyler Renner and Nicholas DePalmer (Co-Owner’s of Flow Gaming) had this to say: It is our pleasure to announce this partnership. We have been in communication with BenQ since this winter’s CPL event in Dallas, Texas. BenQ has been nothing but professional throughout this time and have taken every possible step in negotiations to make sure everyone is beneficial in this agreement (BenQ, Flow Management, Flow Players). We feel that with this partnership both their company and our organization will have the resources needed to reach the next level.

Duncon Wu and Jill Lee, BenQ Marketing Specialists, had this to say about the partnership: We know the gaming scene has boomed and got our feet wet this winter in Dallas while setting up a booth at the Cyberathlete Professional League event. There were many professional gamers and we were satisfied to see people in the competition area very pleased with BenQ monitors. With the partnership of Flow Gaming we hope to show we have reached out to the gaming community and BenQ will be developing more products geared towards high-end gaming. For more information, please click here.

About Flow Gaming

Flow Gaming was established in August of 2006 with a vision to unite top teams from different gaming communities with heavy focus on satisfying a large fan base. Today this vision is a reality as Flow Gaming has been able to grow with the help of their different teams and support of sponsors during the journey. Flow Gaming has many goals for the future with hopes to strategically expand into different communities sharing our unique sponsors with other teams as we get the resources.

Flow would like to thank their sponsors: Nationvoice Communications, CyberPower PC, Thermaltake USA, BenQ, PowerColor / Zogis, Ideazon and Hype Energy drink.