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TechLiving: FP93G / FP73G "as pretty as the pictures they produce..."


BenQ Launches FP93G/73G LCDs

I often think about the old clunky monitor that I used to use in the office. Just thinking about it makes my retina burn. However, today's offerings are almost as pretty as the pictures they produce.

BenQ has released a pair of new LCD displays: the 17-inch FP73G and the 19-inch FP93G. Each one is super thin. The FP73G has a 12mm side bezel design and the FP93G is 13mm. That's great, because I would hate to have to clean up my work area to accommodate some space hog.

Both boast the same awesome specs and how great they are for home and business use. But really -- who cares how great Word docs can look? As long as I can sneak in some graphic-heavy video games, I'm happy.

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