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BenQ Graphic Designer, James, celebrates National Creativity Day

A fun Q & A with James for #NationalCreativityDay


This is James. He's the designer behind BenQ North America’s stunning images. Does he work on our PD Designer Monitors? Yes, he does! Does he love creating graphics that blow our minds? Yes, he does! How is James going to celebrate National Creativity Day on May 30? Read on, friends:

Let’s start with an easy one. What’s your favorite color?

“Evergreen, sea foam green, fly’s eye green, neon green, I guess I’m into pretty much anything the color green has to offer.”

What inspires you?

"That’s a who more than a ‘what for me. I’m inspired by artists whose gifts make me swoon. To name a few, the work of  Tomer Hanuka, HR Giger, Alex Konstad, Brock Horner, Moebius, Robbie Trevino, Beksinski, Andrew Hem, Aaron Horkey, Nadia Waheed, Ozabu, Soey Milk, Daniel Arsham, Eric Jones, and Saturno.”

Finish the sentence, "I love.."

"Easy! I love my wife Amber and our two feline babies, Knikos and Thumbs. Also, gardening, woodworking, movies, most things sci-fi, cruising on my penny board (not really into tricks), fixed gear biking, hiking and climbing, spending time making things, eating things that are good, the final stages of any project (the more creative freedom the better)."

How do you overcome creative blocks?

“It’s not perfect, but I have my own troubleshooting methods for this. No one way works every time but I have found that a combination will usually get me going. I’ll usually start with getting my workspace just right, making sure everything is in its place. After that I’ll dive into my noise cancellation headphones and throw on some binaural beats/space ambience for 30-60 minutes to try and increase my focus. If all else fails I might laying down with the headphones and try sinking as deep into a nap as I can for strictly 15-30 minutes. Finding what works for you is definitely key, but also the hard part unfortunately.”

What’s your message to aspiring creatives?

“Generically I would say to do what you love over and over and over again, then do it some more. My personal advice however would be to learn to use computers with your art in some way, learn code, learn to make your art move, build apps, build websites, etc. These as I see them are the creative waves of the future which you can either learn to ride, be left behind, or even drown! Still, success is far less important than happiness, so if at the end of the day you’re not happy with what you are doing, do something else.”

How will you celebrate National Creativity Day?

“What day is it again? JK. Being creative of course! Both for myself and for work. Specifically sitting at my desk scribbling away on my screens, having a beer if I’m lucky, with my wife and cats as nearby as possible. Taking breaks to walk/stretch, maybe a nice dinner, then move from the studio to the couch with my wife, our iPads, and the cats for a movie (still working on the iPads lol) before bed.”

And, the question we all want the answer to, if you were a tree, what kind would you be?

"Juniper, obviously.”

We’re grateful to have James on our team. Hopefully, his story and his work will help inspire you to create frequently, fantastically, and fearlessly!