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ISTE 2012 | June 24-27 | San Diego BenQ America Corp. | Booth 5031



“At ISTE 2012, BenQ will unveil a number of exciting new products designed to enhance the classroom experience and take learning to ‘Higher and Higher’ levels,” said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. “Visitors to our booth will experience our new interactive flat panel displays and our latest SmartEco, interactive, and high-brightness projectors. These products have been designed specifically to provide higher levels of interactivity, efficiency, collaboration, and performance for educators and students, while dramatically reducing total cost of ownership for schools.”

New BenQ Products on Display at ISTE 2012:

Interactive Flat Panels — Higher Interactivity and Learning
BenQ has introduced a brand new line of interactive flat panel displays (IFPs) including 42-inch (T420), 55-inch (TL550), and 65-inch (T650) models. At ISTE 2012, BenQ will showcase the large-sized T650. Combining the power of touch technology with multimedia connectivity, the BenQ IFPs maximize the learning experience by promoting student interaction and allowing teachers to take advantage of a wider variety of teaching tools in class.

Featuring 1920x1080p full HD resolution, the CCFL T420 and T650 offer dynamic contrast ratios of 4,000:1 and 9,000:1 respectively, while the LED TL550 offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Key features of all three IFPs include:

  • • Optical Sensing Touch Technology: Provides more accurate control at the four corners of the display. Users can pan, zoom, and scroll through documents and websites with ease.
  • • Optical Dual Touch Technology: Turns the displayed image or spreadsheet into a multi-touch screen, when paired with Windows® 7, for versatile presenter/listener interaction and collaboration.
  • • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Function: Displays two incoming images simultaneously for enhanced productivity.
  • • Anti-Image Retention: Prevents image ghosting caused by displaying fixed images for an extended period of time.
  • • Ambient Light Sensor: Detects the amount of ambient light in its surroundings and automatically adjusts the display setting accordingly.
  • • Reliable and Durable10-bit PID Panel: Delivers optimum visual clarity and color presentation under uniform brightness and low temperature.
  • • Integrated Speaker: Makes every presentation more engaging by taking advantage of videos, music, and sound effects.

SmartEco™ Projector Series — Higher Efficiency and Savings
On display at ISTE 2012 will be the latest additions to BenQ’s SmartEco™ Projector Series, including the MX816ST and MX851USTI interactive whiteboard projectors. Optimizing whiteboard use, the MX851USTI features a unique aspherical lens precisely calculated and positioned to mirror an 81-inch large-screen projection as close as 0.74 meters from the whiteboard, making it a perfect fit for any classroom. In addition, featuring SmartEco technology, these projectors can reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent while providing exceptional brightness. For schools, this lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing energy bills and extending light source life.

To generate the best image contrast for classrooms of all sizes, the “SmartEco” mode automatically determines the optimal brightness level based on the input source, while a “no source detected” mode automatically lowers brightness to 30 percent when no display has been detected for more than three minutes. With “eco blank” mode, teachers can blank screens when not in use to redirect students’ focus, while lowering light source power consumption to only 30 percent.

PointDraw™ Interactive Projectors – Higher Collaboration and Excitement
Designed to provide teachers and students with the ultimate interactive experience in any classroom setting, the versatile MW860USTi and MP780 ST+ feature BenQ’s second-generation PointDraw™ interactive projection technology with dual pen support. The PointDraw™ Pen 2.0 features a faster response time to support remote interactivity up to 25 feet away from the board or projected surface. Dual pen control is supported by the latest QDraw 2.0 interactive software, enabling endless collaboration through simultaneous teacher-student interaction. With the MW860USTi and MP780 ST+, excitement builds up as students can enjoy taking turns making their contribution to the lesson using their own independent tool bar, which is under the teacher’s complete guidance and control. BenQ’s PointDraw™ technology requires no system calibration so teachers can easily set up their lesson and start by simply turning on the projector and the PointDraw™ pens.

In addition to their enhanced interactivity, the MW860USTi and MP780 ST+ are packed with a number of other powerful features and functions to further future-proof every classroom, including:

  • • DLP®Link™: maximizes students’ learning by creating an immersive learning environment through 3D visualization.
  • • WXGA Short-Throw Projection: increases the viewing area by 30 percent compared to XGA, and provides sharper, clearer images with less shadow distractions.
  • • 20-W Built-In Speaker Power: with audio pass-through and microphone input replaces classroom audio systems at no extra cost.
  • • LAN Display and Wireless Display Options: provide support for quick and easy setup, in addition to simultaneous multiprojection display capabilities.
  • • USB Drive Display and Remote Desktop: support PC-less teaching by allowing teachers to simply use a USB flash drive, or remotely access their computers via a wireless mouse and keyboard over the LAN.

1080p High-Brightness Large-Venue Projectors — Higher Performance
Ideal for large spaces like classrooms, lecture halls, and school auditoriums, BenQ’s 1080p high-brightness projectors provide brilliant color performance with boosted readability to improve focus and learning. In addition, the units allow teachers to leave the lights on during video sessions, increasing engagement among students while enabling them to take notes. At ISTE 2012, BenQ will showcase the latest additions to its full line of high-brightness projectors, including the SH960 and SH910.

Stop by BenQ booth 5031 at ISTE 2012 to get the scoop on the company’s latest solutions for higher and higher interactivity, efficiency, collaboration, and performance. To schedule a meeting please contact Veronica Esbona at 954-392-6990 or veronica@ingearpr.com.

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Company Overview:

About BenQ America Corp.
BenQ America Corp. is a leading innovator of digital lifestyle products, providing an extensive line of visual display and presentation solutions that incorporate the very latest technologies. The company offers a broad range of projectors and monitors for any application and market — education, home, gaming, corporate, government, and IT — with cutting-edge models that lead the industry in performance, reliability, environmental sustainability, and aesthetics. Whether it’s interactive digital whiteboards for classrooms, 3D-ready projectors for home theaters, short-throw projectors for boardrooms, or LED backlight monitors for professional gaming, BenQ continues to defy the limits of digital displays. The company’s products are available across North America through leading value-added distributors, resellers, and retailers.

The BenQ digital lifestyle stands as a cornerstone of the company’s mission of “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,” fusing lifestyle with technology, enjoyment with productivity, and aesthetic design with engineering. It is this commitment that has made BenQ the No. 1-selling DLP® projector brand worldwide, as well as the No. 1 name in short-throw projectors.

More information is available at www.benq.com/microsite/projector/schoolprojector/index.html.

About BenQ Corporation
BenQ Corporation, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices, is a multifaceted company with strengths in product design, visual technology, and mobile technology. BenQ offers an unrivalled breadth and depth of products and integrated technologies across platforms through the brand promise of “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,” including digital projectors, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, eBook readers, mobile Internet devices, storage devices, and human interface devices such as mice and keyboards.

About BenQ Group
The BenQ Group comprises companies that operate independently while sharing resources and leveraging synergies among them. The BenQ Group companies include BenQ Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation (in the top three of the world’s manufacturers of large-size TFT-LCD panels), Qisda Corporation, Darfon Electronics Corporation, BenQ Materials Corp., BenQ Guru Software Co., BenQ Hospital, BrightView Corp., Cando Co. Ltd., Daxin Materials Corp., Darwin Precisions, Ltd., Dazzo Technology Corp., Forhouse Corp., SiPix Imaging, Lextar Electronics Corp., Raydium Semiconductor Corp., BenQ Medical Technology Corporation, and Wellypower Corp.

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