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BenQ Projectors Promise to Wow with ‘Solutions Matter’ at Infocomm 2010


New High-Brightness 1080p, Interactive PointDrawTM, Image Morphing Projectors to be Revealed

Irvine, CA - June 8, 2010 - A regular fixture at the annual InfoComm professional AV information communication event, BenQ is again poised to unveil technology and applications that will distinguish it from the competition – this time from among the more than 30,000 companies expected to participate June 9-11 at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. Highlighting BenQ’s presence at the Starin Marketing, Inc. booth (#5159) will be innovative usage scenarios made possible by new BenQ projector models, never-before-possible affordability, and collaboration with other industry-leading providers.

Short Throw Projector Series
BenQ’s Short-Throw Series offers big-screen magic to classroom, business, and personal projection.

Interactive PointDrawTM MP780 ST Projector

Equipped with integrated 3D technology and microphone input, the MP780 ST is distinguished by an interactive PointDraw pen that makes it the innovative solution over interactive white boards. Magically draw almost anywhere the image is projected without calibration – no white board needed at all. The MP780 ST frees the user from the white board, allowing them to draw wherever the image is projected. The extraordinary projector additionally frees the user from calibration costs and white board installation costs. For budget-conscious users such as schools, the money saved can be applied to bring greater possibilities for students in other areas of education.

Also coming with integrated 3D technology and microphone input, the ultra short-throw MX880 UST with an impressive 0.3 throw ratio enables a huge 78” image size from just 48 centimeters away, making it an ideal solution for any space-challenged venue such as small classroom or cramped meeting room. Integrated 3D technology and microphone input (for enhanced audio capabilities) additionally make the MX880 UST the perfect pairing for interactive white boards.

Affordable Public Display Solutions with Morphing Technology
The SP870, MP776 ST and MP782 ST will not only impress with the specifications – 5000 Ansi Lumens, 0.6 throw ratio that projects an 81” big-screen view from just 3.3 feet away, VIDI, BrilliantColor, Crestron RoomView® LAN asset management software, and 3500:1 contrast ratio – but with its singular ability to transform the latest progressive morphing technology into a very, very affordable public display solution. In the past, projectors costing $150,000+ were needed in conjunction with Eyeclick, Mersive’s® & Scaleable Display’s highly advanced morphing software when projecting large, complex public displays like interactive floor and surface display, 360o domes, spheres, and unconventional forms for concerts, museums, staging, and more. Now, users have much more cost-effective options: the BenQ High Brightness and Short Throw Projector Series. Wholly and infinitely capable of the exact jaw-dropping shaping, blending, and warping of video and pictures as high-priced specialty models, the MP776 ST costs only $2499 MSRP and works equally well with Mersive software. The high brightness and ultra short throw series exemplifie how innovative BenQ engineering keeps projection possibilities lookin’ great…and affordable.

Full HD 1080p High Brightness Series

BenQ’s SP890 is the Full HD Business Series projector display in luminous 4000AL for a bold, magical big-screen experience in even t he most demanding settings such as full lights-on conference rooms and large auditoriums. The projector supports multiple video formats and flawlessly displays all 1080p content, ensuring maximum performance of today’s Full HD era. The SP890 is further distinguished by Hollywood Quality Video (HQV™) processing, a super high 16,000:1 contrast ratio, and exceptional installation versatility via horizontal+ vertical lens shift and a 1.5:1 zoom ratio.

W600 720p Home Entertainment 3D Solution

BenQ will also showcase W600 3D Ready 720p projector. The W600 is the sensible solution for huge-screen enjoyment of all home entertainment devices. Gaming, videos, pictures, TV, and more are easily connected via dual HDCP-compliant HDMI ports as well as RGB, Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video interfaces. Graphic-intensive games and complex movie scenes are immaculately rendered in 720p high-definition, backed by an advanced 6-segment color wheel, BrilliantColor, UNISHAPE, and 3D Color Management. BenQ’s progressive 3D technology will be highlighted using the W600 2600-lumen 720p projector, which will further be distinguished from the competition by exclusive advancements including SmoothTransition® software for seamless switching between 2D and 3D content; auto 3D mode upon power-up.

For more information on BenQ product launches at InfoComm, please visit www.BenQ.us.