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BenQ Annouces the Winners of the FP241W Giveaway



BenQ Congratulates our lucky 30 winners who participated in the "FP241W Giveaway" during the month of September.


1) Alex Reich of Issaquah, WA
2) Alex Taguchi of Chico, CA
3) Anthony Bedotto of Las Vegas, NV
4) Anthony Rizzo of Mentor, OH
5) Audrey Golden of Cary, NC
6) Barbara Freedman of Natick, MA
7) Brian Horton of Westport, MA
8) Bud Le Noir of Bear Delaware
9) Catherine Kister of Cleveland Heights, OH
10) Chris Hatsiopoulos of Salem, MA
11) Dan King of Arlington, TX
12) Daniel Kim of Coppell, TX
13) Dwayne Hurt of Rex, GA
14) Jacqueline Cheng of Santa Monica, CA
15) James Giordani of Ann Arbor, MI
16) Janet Cocklereece of Reardan, WA
17) John Walters of Plano, TX
18) Joseph Gdowski of Rockford, IL
19) Kevin Wyatt of Wentzville, MO
20) Kyle Swickard of Evansville, IN
21) Lance Ahern of Anchorage, AK
22) Marie Noguerole of Portland, OR
23) Mohamed Bakhit of Saint Loius, MO
24) Nathan Bachus of Waco, TX
25) Nathan Scott of Cleveland, OH
26) Nathan Weston of Harrisonburg, VA
27) Rose Busch of Lodi, NJ
28) Scott Hoang of Arlington, TX
29) Tony Chau of Maywood, CA
30) Zach Richards of Livermore, CA

NOTE: All winners have been verified and have participated in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion.

If you were not one of the lucky 30 winners listed above, stay tuned for more chances to win and participate in exclusive promotions for BenQ.us visitors.

Thank You from BenQ!