Advancing a Brighter, Greener Future the
SmartEco™ Way

BenQ’s SmartEco technology, a future-proof solution that incorporates dynamic lamp power control techniques to optimize power saving and image performance all at once – with a click of a button! With BenQ's SmartEco-integrated education projectors, you can save on lamp replacement and other maintenance costs, cut down on your energy bill and engage your students with the most exceptional visuals in class – all the while keeping the earth beautiful and your budget in check.

SmartEco Mode: Power Smarter

By detecting the input content to determine the amount of brightness required for optimum color and contrast performance, the SmartEco Mode is able to reduce lamp power while delivering the finest image quality. No compromise!

LampSave Mode: Save More

Less lamp replacements and maintenance translates into an overall lower cost of ownership. The LampSave
Mode does exactly that by adjusting the lamp power dynamically by content level to extend projector lamp
life significantly by up to 50% as compared to normal mode.

BenQ Eco Cycle System:
From Projector Life Cycle to Classroom Learning Cycle

With the widespread adoption of educational technologies, schools today face the challenge of supporting better classroom instruction while keeping energy costs down. In search of a solution, BenQ is inspired to build the Eco Cycle System into its interactive projectors to ensure the highest energy efficiency in any educational setting.

The Eco Cycle System effectively manages the lamp power system to eliminate the risks of wasting lamp power and electricity, save the time of waiting before and after class for power on and off, as well as minimize projector maintenance.

Eco Cycle System : Saving Power While Supporting Better Classroom Instruction