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Simple, Powerful Tools for PC-Less Classroom Instruction

Recognizing that, BenQ offers simple yet powerful software solutions that help to organize, enrich and diversify every lesson. Teachers have the ability to share digital content instantly on their iOS and android smart devices via QCast wireless connectivity or MHL mirroring, making it truly fun and easy to experience the joy of teaching and learning.


QCast is developed with an accompanying APP that allows teachers to project a wide range of digital content stored on their smart devices via wireless connectivity, with the use of a classroom projector that is connected to a wireless dongle. The software also grants teachers the freedom to walk around in class as they teach. To set up and organize every lesson, documents can be uploaded to the QCast from iTunes or Dropbox for easy access. Teachers are also given additional flexibility to directly switch on Eco Blank or swap input content sources using QCast.

MHL Connectivity

With the support of MHL technology, teachers and students can share photos, videos, websites and even games from their Android smartphone or tablet instantly. Simply connect the smart device to a classroom projector via an MHL cable and watch the flawless mirroring of contents expanded onto the projector screen.