Projector Management
Efficient Installation

Simplify Your Projector Management

“Help! Our school is planning to purchase 50 projectors, one for each classroom. That's going to be very difficult to manage by just one person! Is there anything I can do make our projector manager's life easier?”

Managing, maintaining and watching over dozens of projectors normally requires a team of professionally trained technicians. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to keep everything up and running. When you only have a one-man team, you'll need all the additional help you can get. Read on to see how BenQ can help simplify routine management and maintenance tasks while strengthening the security and safe-keeping of your projectors.

Easy Maintenance

LAN Controlled Projector Management

LAN Control helps IT personnel remotely perform day-to-day projector management and control operations over their networks – Provides full LAN access and control over every projector.

Centralized Broadcast

The LAN display function allows school officials to broadcast messages to up to 255 projectors simultaneously to effectively communicate alert messages to every classroom.

Monitor and Control via LAN

Projectors built with network capabilities can be linked together and managed through LAN Control, allowing projector managers to work efficiently with 24/7 centralized access and control. With only a LAN cable to display images, transmit audio files and manage projectors across the campus, schools can reduce their costs greatly.

BenQ offers a wide selection of network education projectors that mesh seamlessly with your original LAN Control setting – whether it's Crestron, PJ-Link, or AMX. These projectors also come with a built-in projector network control system uniquely designed by BenQ to encourage schools that are new to LAN Control to give it a try.

*Supported system may vary by model.

BenQ Projector
Network Control System

Utilize this simple tool to handle everything from setting up newly purchased projectors to performing simultaneous routine check-ups through real-time, facility-wide central access and control from one single station via web access.


Download useful tools here, such as the Q Presenter for making projector screen adjustments in class.


Get updated here with the status of each projector, projector network and wired LAN service.

Virtual Keypad

Manage your projector via the virtual keypad to keep remote controls out of reach from curious students.

Conference Control

Sign up here for multi-PC projection of up to four projectors, and pick your own display location.

Display Setting

Change your projector settings here, including the projected image, lamp mode and power control.


BenQ projectors are Crestron-compatible. Access the Crestron system through this quick login.

Picture Setting

Adjust the projected image here, from picture mode, brightness and contrast to 3D color management.


Log on here to set up automatic e-mail alerts for maintenance and lamp replacements, perform real-time remote diagnostics and schedule shutdowns for end-of-day, weekends and holidays.

Upper Lamp Door

Replacing the projector lamp can be a delicate task, especially when the projector is mounted on the classroom ceiling. BenQ positions its projector lamp door on the top for easy access. Should the projector lamp accidentally fail in the middle of the class, a projector manager can replace the broken lamp safely and quickly.

Anti-Theft Security Bar

A security bar is designed to enable projector managers to secure their classroom projectors either to a ceiling mount or an audiovisual equipment cart, adding extra "physical" security to a classroom projector. BenQ's education projectors are each built with a security bar to help discourage opportunistic thieves.