Active Learning
Simple Learning
Audiovisual Learning

Stunning Audiovisual Performances that Engage the Senses

Bring the class to life with amazing sights and sounds from beginning to end – without the need for additional speaker setups. With BenQ education projectors, you can captivate students with ultra vivid, life-like images and videos and immerse them into the world of 3D instead of showing them the same old outdated videos. You'll find students much more engaged and excited the next time you show a video in class. Besides, the captivating image quality, 3D capability and built-in speakers allow you to future-proof your school for years to come!

3D Immersion

The real world works in three dimensions and so should teaching and learning! BenQ's 3D-enabled education projectors are equipped with the latest DLP® technology to support Full HD 3D functionality and various 3D formats, allowing schools to offer an immersive learning experience with the addition of a simple accessory-3D glasses. A research-proven success in maximizing the impact of learning, the integration of 3D educational resources into school curricula keeps students focused and attentive in class as they explore complex subjects, learn abstract concepts or even visit every corner of the world on virtual field trips together.

BenQ Enables Creative Ways to Teach

BenQ’s expanded line of education projectors includes an impressive selection of Ultra Short throw models – achieving a 100-inch diagonal image from as little as 3.14” from the screen, creating an ideal teaching environment with no harsh light shining in the teacher’s eyes.

Built-in Speaker

Take advantage of the built-in speakers featured by BenQ education projectors. Teachers can enrich daily teaching with multimedia audiovisual resources, sharing music, videos or movies, without additional stereo setup. With the Audio Pass Through feature, the projector can be also used as an audio system alone when it's in standby mode or connected to a microphone to help teachers teach with more clarity and less stress on his/her voice.