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How to Choose the Right InstaShow?


Introducing the InstaShow wireless presentation system from BenQ into your office brings your existing business setup up to date with the latest technology, creating a tidy and professional look. Both InstaShow WDC10 and InstaShow S WDC20 are designed to unclutter the meeting room and boost collaboration while keeping your business information secure. However, there are a few features that set these two devices apart. These things are important to keep in mind while choosing between them. 

To choose the InstaShow that best suits your needs, it is essential to consider the size of your meeting rooms, content source, and desired resolution as well as the number of devices you plan to hook up. This video explains how to choose between the two in more detail. 

Recommended Products

InstaShow™ WDC10

Wireless presentation with no software, no worries. Just Plug, Press, and Present.

InstaShow™ WDC10C

Plug and Play Presentation with USB-C port

InstaShow™ S WDC20

BenQ's InstaShow™ WDC20 is a no software solution allowing multiple presenters to lead from any device with the easiest way to share ideas during meetings.