Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Campaign Mission   ​
When it comes to eye care, no one should settle for less.​ ​
The Unveil the Artist Studio Campaign will invite artists to introduce their studios and share how BenQ Desk Lamp can help them improve both eye comfort and the creation process. ​
​Our aim is to help more artists create a comfortable and productive studio through good light.​
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Pick Your Dream Studio
Everybody gets a prize
To enter giveaway, simply fill in the form below and submit your favorite 1-3 studios.
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Several lucky winners will be randomly picked out to win a BenQ Desk Lamp and other exceptional prizes from our partnered brands.
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​And don't think we are just letting you go empty handed! ​ All participants will receive an exclusive coupon code via email at the end of the event.​
Check Out the Prizes ​
Special Combo (Desk Lamp + Clamp)

Be the lucky winner who gets to choose their favorite color of the BenQ Desk Lamp with clamp, including exclusive and limited-edition options that will make your studio shine like never before!​ Seizing this golden opportunity to enhance your studio with the most suitable lamp.​

Portland Apron Company
Split Leg Linen Smock Apron With Cross Back

The split leg apron was designed in mind for multipurpose use. This style has two patch pockets and a pen pocket, and crosses in back with no ties to worry about. It has two panels in the front that overlap to create a split for ease of movement.​

BenQ Desk Lamp

With customizable color temperature, BenQ Desk Lamp can enhance color accuracy and showcases every brushstroke with precision. The intelligent ambient light sensor ensures optimal brightness, while the ultra-wide lighting area brings artworks to life. ​

@ ellaruth.arts
Illustrated Postcards

Illustrated Postcards are created by talented British Travel Illustrator, Ella Ruth. They showcase Ella's ongoing project of creating 50 Postcards of 50 Places, featuring delightful depictions of Dubrovnik, Mykonos, and Lisbon. Painted with colored pens, Ella's vibrant postcards completely exhibit her unique style.​


Please refer to posts on our Instagram for more details about the campaign.

Eyes struggle

with color and details during painting, crafting, doing DIY, and etc.​

Insufficient lighting

dims your creativity after the daylight is gone.​

Uneven illumination

on the working area due to traditional desk lamp’s narrow light distribution​.

Max. 1600 lux​
Sufficient Brightness Even for Night Work​

The BS EN Standards recommend light level for normal drawing work is 1000 lux, and it should be at least 1500 - 2000 lux for detailed work.
The BenQ Desk Lamp provides a maximum light level of 1600 lux, thereby ensuring sufficient light to avoid eye strain even when working at night.​

Color Rendering Index Ra>95
Close to Natural Light​

With a CRI>95, the BenQ Desk Lamp provides a light source that mimics sunlight, making sure you see every detail of your work while ensuring the colors you see are as true to life as possible. ​

The Smile-Curve Design​ ​
Evenly Lights Up Every Corner of the Desk​

Our special smile-curve design provides a more even illumination than traditional desk lamps, without causing hard shadows and hot spots.​

Adjust to just the right position
Flexible Arms & Ball Joint​

The double arm and ball joint design gives you the flexibility to position the light based on your needs.​
Our structural design will keep the lamp stable and prevent it from tipping over when you adjust it.
​*For maximum stability, please position the lamp correctly as shown in the picture.​

Customized Settings​

Adjustable brightness and 8 color temperature choices ranging from 2700K to 5700K. Easily fine-tune the settings with the knob.​ ​

2 Smart Modes

Hold the ring for 2 seconds to activate our smart modes-- quickly switch to the proper brightness and color temperature for screen reading or paper reading.

Eye-care Guarantee​

BenQ Desk Lamp has passed EU IEC/TR 62778, IEC/EN 62471, and IEEE 1789 standard, ensuring it is compliant with EU regulations on flicker and blue light hazards.​

Desk Clamp​ &​ Floor Stand ​ Extension
Let your BenQ Desk Lamp get dynamic with our accessories
The pursuit of the best quality​

From the key to the cable, our products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure that consumers receive the most durable and best quality products.​

12,500 times

Switched on and off (both 110V and 230V)

10,000 times

Head adjusted up and down from +35° to +120° each​

10,000 times

Lower arm and base plate adjusted left and right from -45° to +45° each

-20°C ~ 65°C

Extreme temperature test in five minutes​

46 cm

height transport case drop test (6 sides, 3 edges, and all corners of the case were used as contact points)

0% - 90%

Transportation Humidity test

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