wireless projector no hdmi connect to laptop wirelessly
BenQ EH600 smart
wireless display projector
Showcase and create more
without the cable mess
Only US$899!
how to setup wireless projector
Works with Virtually Any Device in Three Steps
No software install / No compatibility issues / Truly user friendly
Only 3 Steps
BenQ EH600 vs Others

Clear reasons to go with a BenQ Smart Workplace Wireless Display Projector

Reduced cable clutter

Easy casting supports BYOD

No software needed

Direct, wireless internet

Built-in business apps

Doesn’t need a PC

Reduced cable clutter

Casting works with BYOD

Require software install

No direct, wireless internet

Don’t include useful apps

Depend on a PC

Video conference equipment
Easily Expands into a Budget-friendly Video Conferencing System
No PC / No HDMI / Portable
All You Need
Set up Guide
Step 1

Turn on the video projector and connect the webcam

Step 2

Launch the video conferencing app (Zoom, Blizzer or any other app)

Step 3

Start the meeting