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Three tips to set up a perfect home theater

Projectors are a great choice for your home theater because they are mobile and easy to set up. Projectors create the possibility of turning every wall into a screen. If you want to install a projector to build your dream home theater, then here are the tips you might want to know.

Want to find the perfect projector for watching movies, playing games, and family fun?

Check out these tips

Tip 1

Measure your ambient light to see how bright you will need your projector to be.

measure your ambient light to see how bright you will need your projector to be

*Try the app: Lux Light Meter

Why Brightness Matters?

Tip 2

Decide on the projecting distance based on the size and structure of your room.

tip 2 decide the projection distance base on the size of your room
How to Create a Flawless Home Theater?

Tip 3

Determine the placement- in front or on the side.

tip 3 determine the projector placement
find your perfect projector

Five questions to identify the ideal projector

The projectors 101 for dummies

Why trust ANSI Lumen only?

If you want to buy a projector and have doubts about inflated LED lumen values, you're probably right.

Why do portable projectors differ in price?

Because of different technology. Do research when comparing products, don't just rely on specs.

What does a >100% Rec. 709 color gamut mean?

The over 100% of Rec. 709 only means that the overall size of the product’s color gamut?

2021 Home Theater Projector Buyer's Guide:
What You Need to Know Before Buying a Projector

Create Big Screen Cinema in Limited Places with Throw Distance and Projector Calculator

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