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Boost Your Employees' Work From Home Efficiency

Remote work is necessary for some,
but can employees really work from home?

Recently, Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom reveals that the U.S. is now a working-from-home economy: around 42% of US labor force now work from home full time, and only 25% are still working in office. However, the swift shift to working from home has taken many by surprise, and workers are neither prepared nor ready to turn their home into an efficient workspace.

According to the survey conducted by Bloom in the wake of COVID, more than half of the respondents are working either in shared rooms or their bedrooms. Only 51% of those surveyed can do their jobs efficiently on computers. (Standford University News, 2020,

Although working from home is more comfortable, many employees find themselves less productive or inefficient. They lack sufficient equipment and facilities to help them stay on top of their game. To work from home with maximum productivity and efficiency, it is essential to make sure you have the proper equipment and the right environment, including adequate lighting.

Home Office Lighting Needs Improvement

A good home workspace should be more than a spot with strong WiFi connection. An unsuitable work environment can easily lead to a work-from-home burnout. However, most homes are not designed for office usage. Here are some common problems that employees may encounter when working from home:

Insufficient Lighting

At-home lighting is not always suitable for your employees to work for long hours. Although many have ambient light at their homes, the lighting is not sufficient for work. The insufficient lighting can cause distractions, eye strain and headache, bringing down overall work quality.

Lack of Daylight

Studies have shown that lack of daylight exposure may bring down the health and productivity of workers. Insufficient exposure to natural daylight may also interfere with employees' circadian rhythms, negatively affecting their cognitive performance and problem solving ability.

Limited Workspace

Due to space limitation at home, some employees have a dedicated workstation with a monitor whereas some work on their laptop at a small desk. Regardless of what their home office setup looks like, if the space isn't bright, organized and distraction-free, it would be difficult for employees to stay concentrated and productive during working hours.

Our Suggestions for Home Office Lighting Improvement

Take Home Office Productivity to New Heights

Ultimate Comfort for Ultimate Work Performance

The discomfort due to poor lighting, such as migraines, eye strain, anxiety, trouble sleeping and SAD, is harmful to employees and causes them to work inefficiently. Customizable and intuitive settings of ScreenBar and e-reading lamps make it easy for employees to choose the optimal lighting for any occasion, improving overall well-being and performance.

Remain Focused at Home

Eliminate distractions by keeping screen glare at bay with BenQ Lighting. ScreenBar and e-reading lamps go the extra mile to ensure the light emitted is focused and precise. With adjustable color temperature, the lights help maximize employees' concentration by providing cool lighting.

With Less Clutter Comes Less Distractions

According to a study in Forbes, roughly 57% of people believe their work correlates with the tidiness of the office. Other studies have shown workers spend a week every year looking for misplaced items and papers. With space-saving ScreenBar, employees can keep a cleaner, more organized desk space, leading them to be more productive and less distracted by a messy desk.

Boost Productivity with Natural Lighting

In home offices with insufficient natural lighting, ScreenBar and e-reading lamps allow employees to set the light to the same color temperature as the sun at any given moment of the day, keeping their circadian rhythms in check and harnessing their energy to be more productive during working hours.

Turn Up Your Creativity

Sometimes Dimmer Is Brighter

According to psychologists Anna Steidel and Lioba Werth, compared to normal office lighting, dim lighting stimulates creative insight and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. With multiple dimmable brightness levels, BenQ lighting let your creativity thrive and leaves you free to use your imagination to solve problems.

Warm Up Your Creative Brain

Research has shown that warm light (3000K) helps with creativity while colder light improves concentration. With color temperature range of 2700 to maximum 6500K, BenQ lights are the perfect tools to help you tackle complicated tasks and get your creative juices flowing.

Clear Your Desk, Open Your Mind, Be More Creative

A clean and organized workspace helps people be more creative. Without the stress of an overcrowded desk, employees can feel more comfortable. ScreenBar helps to clear your mind so you can have deeper, more creative thoughts.

Create the Most Efficient Work-From-Home Environment
with ScreenBar and E-Reading Lamps

Take a look at how BenQ lighting has helped workers
work from home the right way:

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