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Thank you all for joining the BenQ Gaming Bash feat. Fortnite.
We’re happy to announce the winners of the two stages competition.

Stage 1 (Twitter post)


1st: @KonaG_
2nd: @bluzro

Stage 2 (Fortnite competition)


1st: @Nxvylol
2nd: @t0ilets
3rd: @Bullywyd

Congratulations to them!
Hope you enjoy the Gaming Bash and EX series monitor.
Get Ready for
BenQ Gaming Bash Feat. Fortnite
Join the fray and you could win an awesome MOBIUZ gaming monitor!

BenQ Gaming Bash Winter 2020 Edition goes down on Dec 2 at 9 pm Eastern.
Registration starts Nov 9 12:00 am and ends Nov 24 11:59pm Eastern.

The 1ms 144hz IPS EX2510 gaming monitor is waiting – create social media posts for a chance to enter a Fortnite match (solo mode) and compete with over 190 other players, including the mighty BenQ influencers. The action is set for the Fortnite NA-EAST server. You could win the MOBIUZ gaming monitor!

Watch out for BenQ Elites - they play to win

Follow BenQ influencers aka BenQ Elites bully, PhysicsOT, actingliketommy, RichHomieQuinn and npen’s streams on Twitch to check them out before the match. Will you prevail in the face of their overwhelming skills? If you’re determined enough you could win thrilling prizes.

First Opportunity

Two winners get gaming monitors!

Entrants with the top two social post engagement numbers on the approved platforms listed below win the EX2510 gaming monitor. We will announce the top 2 winners of the first stage championship on the event page and MOBIUZ Twitter on November 27, follow us and stay tuned!

Second Opportunity

Gamers enter the BenQ Gaming Bash Fortnite contest

BenQ will lucky draw a total of 190 names from everyone who created a social post to decide who joins the championship.

So, to recap: the two most successful posts win a MOBIUZ EX2510 monitor AND enter the Fortnite contest. Another 190 posters drawn randomly enter the contest and stand a chance to win prizes. Clear? Let’s move on.

BenQ Gaming Bash Winter 2020 Edition will be two private solo matches on the Fortnite NA-EAST server: the first match will start at 9:00 pm (EST) and the second match at 9:50 pm (EST).

The top three (3) winners in each match will receive the prizes below.

Winners must take a screenshot as proof of their win and forward it to the Discord group established by BenQ after the matches finish. We’ll be watching.

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Create a public social post or video with the caption: “I want the MOBIUZ EX2510 because _____”

Please fill the blank with one of the features below, for example: “I want the MOBIUZ EX2510 because Black eQualizer and Light Tuner can help me find enemies easily.”

Other examples:

(1) Black eQualizer and Light Tuner make every detail pop. 

(2) 144Hz, 1ms, and IPS provide me with a smooth gaming experience.

(3) It’s suitable for next gen consoles.

(4) The vivid color delivers great image quality.

(5) The awesome built-in speakers give me audio-visual immersion. 

(6) (Anything you want to say)

Your posts or videos should include Fortnite gameplay or screenshots and #BenQGamingBash @MobiuzGaming on any social media platforms approved by BenQ. Mind those capital letters, we mean that!


Go to the event page and sign up with the required information and links to your post! We’ll notify you via email if you’re chosen. Don’t miss it!

Sign Up Here
Venture forth with BenQ!

BenQ Elites will all use the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710 144Hz, 1ms MPRT, IPS gaming monitor with HDRi technology and FreeSync Premium during the BenQ Gaming Bash Fortnite event. That will give them an immediate edge in the action. Good luck to you trying to best them :-) Save $30 when getting your own EX2510 & EX2710 gaming monitors! Limited offer only till Dec 18.

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