SW2700PT 27 inch 2K Adobe RGB PhotoVue Photographer Monitor

Relive the Moment with AQCOLOR Tech
  • 99% Adobe RGB color space
  • 27" 2560x1440 QHD IPS Monitor
  • Hardware calibration with accuracy colour
Special Promotion
    SW2700PT 27 inch 2K Adobe RGB PhotoVue Photographer Monitor Relive the Moment with AQCOLOR Tech
    • 99% Adobe RGB color space
    • 27" 2560x1440 QHD IPS Monitor
    • Hardware calibration with accuracy colour
    Special Promotion
      What Experts Say About

      “This monitor offers the big colour space I'm looking for, and the smoothness of the hardware LUT means I could detect no banding or posterisation in any of the images I've checked it with.”

      - Keith Cooper - Landscape & Architecture Photographer

      “Photography is passion and retouching is the final step, the moment where I add the ‘magic’ with toning. This monitor makes me able to really see what I'm doing. ”

      - Frank Doorhof - Model Photographer

      “Whether you are a professional or serious enthusiast - the SW2700PT is the perfect and affordable tool for creating great color with all your images.”

      - William Innes - Professional Wedding Photographer

      “SW2007PT is by far the best display that I’ve used. The overall build quality and the design of the display is just amazing. Color accuracy is second to none with easy to use calibration software. The price point is fantastically awesome. In my opinion, this is by far the best value monitor that every photographers should own.”

      - Art Suwansang - Professional Wedding Photographer
      Relive Vibrant Moments in Living Color

      BenQ understands photographers’ pursuit of perfect color and true-to-life image quality. The BenQ SW Photographer Monitor offers unparalleled technology to preserve your special moments. Featuring the high color accuracy of the Adobe RGB color space, SW Photographer Monitors are built to reproduce your images with the same precise detail in which you captured them.

      A Wider Color Space for Brighter Moments

      Specially designed to bring out the best in color-sensitivity, BenQ Adobe RGB color space reproduces your images using the widest spectrum possible.

      Enrich Your Palette with 99% Adobe RGB

      See the true colors of nature! Elevate images from your DSLR camera to their full potential with BenQ Adobe RGB color space. This vibrant set of color management features offers a greater range of color reproduction for shades of blue and green, resulting in more realistic color representation for outdoor and nature photography.

      10-bit color depth for Precision Color-Reproduction

      Access more than one billion colors, natural shading, and smooth color gradation with SW2700PT.

      Hardware Calibration Produces Consistent Quality

      Hardware calibration allows you to adjust the monitor’s image processing chip without changing graphics card output data. Calibration keeps images consistent with originals without being affected by graphics settings. Two monitor preset modes allow calibration results to be saved directly into the monitor.

      Palette Master Element Regulates Performance

      By using Palette Master Element and a calibrator, you can tune and maintain the color performance of the monitor to its optimal performance.

      Support OS system :
      Win7/ Win8/ Win10, Mac OS 10.6.8-10.11
      Support Calibrator :
      X-Rite i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro / i1 Pro 2 & Datacolor Spyder 4 / Spyder 5 
      14-bit 3D LUT & Delta E≤2

      The 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) improves RGB color blending accuracy for impeccable color reproduction. Utilizing Delta E≤2 in both Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces displays the truest version of the original image.

      Celebrate the Every Photo in Crisp Detail

      SW Series monitors cut the finest edges, blend the smoothest gradients and bring the truest colors to life.

      QHD Resolution for the Sharpest Display

      The high pixel density of SW Series monitors delivers the performance you expect for close reviews and detailed image editing.

      109 Pixels Per Inch for Stunning Clarity

      With ultra-high pixel density, every photograph displayed with sensational clarity, definition and accuracy, outlining every detail and highlighting every subtlety.

      Simple Functionality for Greater Efficiency

      Convenience and comfort make these features invaluable for daily computer use.

      OSD Controller

      The OSD controller is a remote controller that comes with three preset buttons each set up with a customized display setting such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, Black and White mode. Switch effortlessly between presets without going through complicated settings. The OSD Controller also comes with a button for quick OSD navigation and settings.

      Black-and-White Mode

      With a simple click of a button, you can preview color photos in black-and-white before adding effects. Review and edit black-and-white photos without losing the richness of the details or tone.

      Shading Hood

      Ambient light and glare can often obstruct the eye’s ability to perceive color on the monitor display. With this in mind, the SW Series includes a detachable shading hood made specifically for glare reduction in environments where it’s hard to control ambient light.