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What Is the Best Projector for a FlightScope Mevo Golf Simulator?

BenQ Laser Golf Simulator Projector with Hassle-free Operation
Matching the right projector to your Mevo or Mevo+ can make all the difference in your golf simulator setup

The Flightscope Mevo and Mevo+  launch monitors are popular golf simulators that can be brought to the driving range and then set up at your home golf simulator. But to turn all that data onto a screen that shows off your perfect approach shot at Pebble Beach #7, you will want the right projector for your impact screen. So we’ll take a look at a few popular models that are ideal for your FlightScope setup.

Square screen for smaller spaces

The least expensive way to set up a home golf simulator is with a square-shaped impact screen and a short throw projector. The square shape of the screen and enclosure enables you to have a taller screen without using too much of the wall.   For impact screens ten feet wide or smaller, the latest LED-powered BenQ LW500ST will create a fantastic color-accurate picture in rooms without much ambient light.


This model features LED technology that lasts 30,000 hours and is optimized for the complex colors for golf simulation programs. In addition, this model is one of the least expensive projectors you can buy with advanced keystone correction and corner fit technology so you can fit your image to your impact screen with a simple button press.


The lamp-based alternative would be the BenQ MX825STH which has a native 4:3 aspect ratio to light up a square screen without much fuss. The short throw lens on both models means you can use this with a floor enclosure or ceiling mount.

Larger widescreen for immersive golfing

When you want to feel like you’re playing the Old Course at this year’s Open at St. Andrews, a larger impact screen with a widescreen enclosure will draw you into every hole on your Flightscope setup.    Here you are going to want to make the switch to a laser projector. Why? It delivers a very bright image and has a long life span.  


While a traditional 5000-lumen lamp might last 3000 hours before needing to be replaced, a laser projector with the same brightness will last 20,000 hours or more. It also will be ready to use a few seconds after you turn it on – without waiting for the lamp to warm up.


Most simulators will use either a mobile cart to hold the projector outside the hitting area or mount the projector above and behind the hitting area.   You can use the BenQ LU710 model for a cart-mounted projector, which is small enough to go into most carts. Still, the BenQ LU935ST is a very popular model that can be ceiling mounted out of the way of your driver – and has the optical and digital corrections to fill nearly any screen with a few simple adjustments.


In addition, these projectors are the only ones available at this brightness level that are color accurate, which means that the tee box at Pebble Beach #7 on the E6 platform looks like it should – especially compared to a traditional classroom projector used by other brands.

Simulation Theater

Home theaters have been around for decades, but today many golfers are building “SimTheaters” that enable the golf simulation space to be used for family entertainment. However, a traditional home theater screen is only 100 inches, while SimTheater screens are typically 12-15 feet wide, requiring a bright projector – with excellent color accuracy. Enter the BenQ LK936ST – the first projector designed for golf simulators and showing movies on a giant screen.


What makes this special is the true 4K technology which displays over 8.3 million pixels – nearly four times a typical 16:10 WUXGA classroom projector. The projector also supports HDR and other AV features such as pass-through audio, so when you flip your simulator to a computer or Blu-Ray player, it will render your movies, games, and video streams with perfect clarity and color. 

Popular Golf Simulation Projectors for FlightScope Mevo

So, if you are looking to set up a home simulator with your FlightScope Mevo or Mevo+ - here is a comparison table of popular projectors designed for golf simulation that might be a good fit depending on the size of your screen and your budget.   



BenQ LW500ST

BenQ LU710

BenQ LU935ST

BenQ LK936ST



3500 lumens

2000 LED lumens

4000 lumens

5500 lumens

5100 lumens


Aspect Ratio

4:3 – Square

4:3 – Square or

16:10 Wide

16:10 – Wide

16:10 Wide

16:9 Wide HDTV


Throw Ratio







Lamp Type







Lamp Life

Up to 10000 hours

30,000 hours

20,000 hours

20,000 hours

20,000 hours








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