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“The LK936ST gives you a true feeling of being able to enjoy the best golf courses in the world. Golf mode greens and blues bring your golf courses to life“

by Brandon Helgeson

From day one, it has been my goal to create the best simulated golf experience possible. The results of that journey have left me with a golf simulator room that comes close to what I experienced on actual golf courses.  I also created a movie theatre room to enjoy sporting events and movies. My simulator is set up in my home sports area (Dimensions W23’xD28’xH18′). This enclosure provides me with a 16:10 aspect ratio (W15.5′ x H10′) . The BenQ LK936ST brought the finishing touches to create my ultimate man cave.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W23’ x H18’ x D28’

Impact Screen: W15.5’ x H10’

Projector: BenQ LK936ST

Launch Monitor: Foreseight

Software: GSPro

Golf Simulator Site:

Golf Simulator Gameplay

Projecting in 4K with 8.3 million pixels provides an image that transports you into your simulated golf course anywhere in the world. As a scratch golfer, it is important for my golf experience to simulate the real world as closely as possible. This projector differentiates a golf simulator image that resembles a video game and that duplicates reality to give you a “true” feeling of being there, so you enjoy some of the best golf courses in the world right from home. The reflection of the water and beautiful colors stress just how realistic it all looks.

Exclusive Golf Mode

Powered by 5,100 lumens of brightness, this laser projector reduces color aberration and enhances the greens and blues that bring your golf courses to life. Let’s take the classic course at Georgia Golf Club as an example. The fairway green, tea boxes, and trees all get an added touch of incredible definition by presenting in the exclusive BenQ golf mode. It allows for a quick and easy way to get the most out of this projector for your golf simulator setup. 


A truly multi-purpose projector that seamlessly provides high quality imaging for your golf simulator and home movie theater. We watch movies and the Superbowl in that room, and can say with confidence that whether you are enjoying a golf tournament, a movie or streaming the latest show, the BenQ LK936ST brings these experiences to your home with crystal clear image quality. Also, the S/PDIF port enables a 5.1-channel surround sound output. The BenQ LK936ST has made my simulator room the most popular part of my house. I absolutely love using it in every way.

How to Fill up Your 4:3 Screen?

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