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Projectors / Portable Projector / GS2 / Media Review

Wireless LED Portable Mini Projector for Family Entertainment | GS2

  • Splash-proof, Drop-proof, Eye-Protection Sensor and Parental Timer designed with your child in mind

  • Wireless cast, HDMI, USB Type-C, USB for multi-connectivity

  • Bluetooth speaker, Built-in Aptoide TV Apps, 3-Hour Battery Life

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07-08-2020 Ken Wong

BenQ’s new DLP projector goes small even as it projects big images at home

BenQ is calling its new GS2 projector an all-in-one entertainment device for families. It is looking to bring big-screen entertainment into more rooms in the house than just the living room.

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6 On-trend Activities to Boost #stayhome Family Bonding in Phase Two and Beyond

To take your family bonding moments up a notch, invest in the new BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable Projector. Turn your tiny screen displays into a grand 80-plus inch projection, powered by Digital Light Processing technology for optimal viewing experiences. With wireless cast-and-play functionality and Bluetooth speaker, it maximises all your entertainment and edutainment needs. Best of all, with Parental Timer control, Eye-Protection Sensor, and Drop & Splash Proof features, you can relax knowing your kids are in safe hands.

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