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Projectors / Home Entertainment Projector for Games and Sports / TK800 / User Review

True 4K UHD Projector Home Entertainment for Sports Fans | TK800

  • True 4K HDR with XPR Technology

  • Vivid Colors and High Brightness for Living Room Ambient Light

  • Dedicated Modes for Football & Sports Enjoyment for Sports Fans

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BenQ TK800 Big Screen Home Entertainment Experience

Most of the time I find that projectors are associated with office setups for presentations that need a large screen. So when I got the chance to test out a 4K projector I jumped at it, honestly I was a bit skeptical about projectors but after some time with the BenQ TK800 I was proven likewise.

Setup of the projector is very straight forward, after plugging it in the projector asks a few questions to help you get it up and running.

Step 1: First is placement, so that it knows how to oriented the display and do auto keystone.

Step 2: Choose the language is the second step, of which I choose English as the language of choice. There are 28 languages to choose from.

Step 3: The final step is to select auto input, this will allow the projector to auto scan for inputs and use the device connected for project the image.

Without auto keystone the image looked wider at the top, much like the top shape. In order to auto adjust, you need to press the MODE button, that is the one located on the projector, but on the remote it is labeled as PIC MODE.

When I fired up the projector, I started YouTube to look for a 4K Soccer Match, I was pretty blown away by what I saw. Images were sharp and clear, colors were also reproduced well. You can see the sharpness of the images that were produced by the projector, just check out the projection captured by my camera, you can see the details such as facial hair, wordings etc.

As mentioned at the start, I was a little apprehensive about using a projector as a display, but after spending some time with the projector, I would say that the quality of the BenQ TK800 is great and I can spend hours just watching content on the projector. I did not even have to hook it up to a sound system because the audio was just so clear and I did not have to strain my ears to hear the conversation by the characters in the show. (by HardwareZone User appleuser79)

BenQ TK800 4K Home Projector Review

As a gaming enthusiast , I have always been fascinated and love exploring the display aspects of visual contents. When I looked at what the TK800 projector offered, I was drawn in towards its unique set of features. TV screens with a 4K resolution and HDR rendering capability isn’t something that’s common in many households, not to mention on a projector. And that’s something I wanted to experience with my own eyes. In short, the projector ended up matching, if not surpassing my initial expectations!

One strong point of this projector was the inclusion of Football and Sports modes. In both modes, the mid-frequency and vocal are boosted, allowing you to hear the commentators clearly in the midst of the noisy audiences.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the BenQ TK800, and the product delivers well for the price point - especially if you’re looking for a high brightness output 4K projector. Set up and installation for the projector is fuss-free and easy, especially if you are using it with a Blu-ray player or an Android/Cable box. (by HardwareZone User b|uebe||)