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BenQ USB-C Monitor Unleashes Your Speed and Space for WFH
BenQ USB-C Monitor
Unleash your speed and space
Designer Monitor | PD series

Perfectly match with your Macbook

USB-C-Thunderbolt3 Designer PD series Monitor is The Perfect Match With Your Mac

4K/ IPS / 32”
• Thunderbolt 3
• M-book mode
• USB-C with Power Delivery 85W

What Makes BenQ PD Series
Perfectly Match with Your MacBook
Extraordinary design

The elegant appearance created by BenQ designer team fits to your Mac book quite well.

Support Thunderbolt 3

BenQ monitor supported Thunderbolt 3 can offer 40 Gbps bandwidth and up to 85 W power delivery to charge your Macbook.

M-book mode

M-book mode performs precise color matching with Macbook.

Photographer Monitor | SW series

Relive the moment with Adobe RGB color space

BenQ Photographer SW Series Monitor with USB-C to relive the moment

2K / IPS / 27”
• 99% Adobe RGB
• Paper color sync
• USB-C with Power Delivery 60W

Entertainment Monitor | EW/EX series

Total Immersion brought by the best audiovisual performance

BenQ Entertainment Monitor with USB-C for Immersive Gaming and Netflix experience

4K/ IPS / 32”
• HDRi
• Built in 2.1ch
• treVolo speakers
• USB-C with Power Delivery 60W


4K/ IPS / 27”
• HDRi
• Built in 2.1ch
• treVolo speakers
• USB-C with Power Delivery 60W


2K / IPS / 27”
• HDRi
• Built in 2.1ch
• treVolo speakers

Monitor with USB-C has Become
the New Standard, Are You Ready?
Quick transfer speed

USB-C offers at least 10 Gbps bandwidth which can support 4K content over a single cable.

Power delivery

Monitors with USB-C can charge your devices including laptops, so no need to carry the heavy charger to your office.

Saving Desk space

With a USB-C monitor, this is no longer necessary to have so many cables. All you need is one USB-C cable, which saves you extra effort, eliminates the need for an extra accessory.