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Experience the Authentic Cinema Experience with CinematicColor™ technology, covering super wide DCI-P3 color space, coupled with the ultra fine 4K UHD Resolution & the latest projector otpimised HDR technology, delivering every ounce of Emotion & Excitement that the filmmakers intended.

Filmmakers Vision

See how BenQ Cinema Projector promises to deliver Authentic CinematicColor as Filmmaker intended.

CinematicColor - BenQAward-Winning Cinematographer, Jack Pollock

“I am not looking for a projector to give me something better than I’ve done, I am looking for the projector to give me exactly what I’ve done.”

Singapore Award-Winning Film Director and Producer, Anthony Chen

“The brightness and color accuracy (of BenQ Home Cinema Projector) feels pretty close to what you have on the broadcast monitor…., it feels like you are watching your film as close to how my audience will watch it…”

Super-Wide DCI-P3 Color Rivaling Digital Cinemas

Enhancing optimal colors for precise picture quality, BenQ CinematicColor™ technology reach American film industry’s super wide DCI-P3 color space, covering far greater visible spectrum than Rec. 709. With DCI-P3, BenQ Cinema Projector perfectly reproduces authentic cinematic quality with wide and precise color accuracy as how the directors have originally envisioned.



Cinema Grade 4K UHD

Revolutionise the standards of home cinemas with superior 4K UHD clarity, experience every storytelling detail created by the filmmaker, bringing movies to life with extraordinary cinematic detail & contrast to your home cinema.


Projector Optimised HDR & Lens

Optimized for 4K projection, BenQ’s exclusive HDR-PRO technology enhances the 4K HDR viewing experience via Active Iris and Dynamic Black™ technologies, supporting HDR10 & HLG for both Blu-ray movie or streaming content. Coupled with Super-high resolution 10-element lens structure for ultimate 4K resolution.

Most Popular 4K Projector Brand!
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Effortless 4K upgrade

from W1070 / W1070+ / W2000 / W1110 / W1090

Without Repositioning the Mount

Every Home is different
we made sure there is one to suit you

Building your Home Cinema has never been easier, either in a Casual living room for Friday night movies or dedicated AV room of a Movie enthusiast, there is a perfect BenQ Home Cinema projector with all the right installation features to suit your Home.

Easy Living room Cinema with Amazing 4K HDR
  • CinematicColor : 100% Rec.709 HDTV Color Accuracy
  • Throw Ration : 100" @3.32m
  • Zoom Raton : 1.1X 
  • Installation : Vertical Keystone ± 40 degrees
  • Venue : Living Room
  • Feature : HDR, 5W Speaker x1
Ideal for both Living room and AV room Cinema
  • CinematicColor : 100% Rec.709, 95% DCI-P3
  • Throw Ration : 100" @2.5m
  • Zoom Raton : 1.3X
  • Installation : Vertical Keystone ± 30 degrees
  • Venue : Living Room
  • Feature : HDR-Pro, 5W Chamber Speaker
AV room Cinema with Cinema grade Colour
  • CinematicColor : 100% DCI-P3
  • Throw Ration : 100" @3m
  • Zoom Raton : 1.6X
  • Installation : Len Shift: V±60% / H±23%
  • Venue : AV Room
  • Feature : HDR-Pro, MEMC, LAN control, ISFccc,Hybrid Log-Gamma
Commercial 4K standards in Your AV Room Cinema
  • CinematicColor : 100% Rec.709
  • Throw Ration : 100" @3m
  • Zoom Raton : 1.5X
  • Installation : Len Shift: V±65% / H±27%
  • Venue : AV Room
  • Feature : HDR, THX, MEMC, LAN control, support Anamorphic lens
Flagship model in Your AV Room Cinema
  • CinematicColor : 98% DCI-P3
  • Throw Ration : 100" @3m
  • Zoom Raton : 1.5X
  • Installation : Len Shift: V±65% / H±27%
  • Venue : AV Room
  • Feature : HDR, MEMC, LAN control, Light source: PHILIPS HLD
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