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FAQ: What if the ideaCam mount does not fit on top of my monitor?

While the ideaCam is designed to be mounted atop a desktop computer monitor, the mount is flexible enough to suit a variety of placement options.


1. The ideaCam mount is adjustable, with a tightening knob the clamp it into place. Before seeking a new place to mount the ideaCam - try to adjust the mount clamp to fit stop your monitor, and tighten the knob to lock it in place. (the mount is designed for monitors between .5 and 2.9 inches thick). If mounting atop the monitor is unsuitable for your workspace, please attempt the steps below.  

2. Mount the ideaCam along the top of a cubicle or shelf at eye-level. 

3. Some models of ideaCam come with a standard .25 inch UNC camera thread in the base. Using this threaded connector, one may place the ideaCam easily on almost any tripod. 

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