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Are there any hazardous substances contained in the product? If so, in which part of the product? What are the ways to reduce any risk of exposure to hazardous substances while using the product?


In response to your concerns, we would like to inform you that BenQ is devoted to bringing the best quality products to our customers, so all of our display products are manufactured under strict supervision to ensure that they follow local safety regulations and exceed industry standards. We are also in full compliance with RoHS/REACH regulations, as well as California Proposition 65 (also called The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act), which requests companies across industries to disclose the use of chemicals listed under this Act for their products.


For more information about California Proposition 65, please visit this website: Learn more


We also want to inform you that BenQ’s display products include lead that can be found on internal PCBA components. For this reason, BenQ, as well as other leading electronics companies, have enforced the required caution labeling, with the fact that electronic components are generally internal to consumer level products, so the potential for consumer exposure to component surfaces is low, and the potential to reach specified exposure levels for the listed substances is even lower. To eliminate the chance of exposure to any hazardous substances, please do not attempt to disassemble your display product and try to repair the PCBA components yourself.


Nevertheless, we want to assure you that customer safety and health when using our products are our first priority. If you still have concerns or questions, please contact your local BenQ customer care team for further assistance.

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