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What is image retention, or image burn in?


Image retention is when an image temporary or permanently remain or "burn" onto the LCD/LED panel. This happens if the image on the screen is displayed for an extended period, up to several hours without changing display, without screensaver or turning off the display. The liquid crystal used in display technology such as LCD/LED monitors, large format display or digital signage is driven by electrodes. If the same display is remained at the same position for a long time, electric charge driving the electrodes can cause liquid crystal to build up and remain in one position, leaving a mark. This is image retention. This mark or residue as a result of image retention is usually a shadow, or faint outline of the previous static image that was being displayed. Depending on how long the static image remained before image retention occurred, the shadow or outline "burn" onto the display can be a permanent or temporary. This is due to the nature of liquid crystal technology and is not considered as product defect.To avoid image retention, please activate the power management function to let the LCD/LED monitor, large format display or digital signage go into "sleep mode", or turn on screensaver after short period of inactivity. Alternatively, can use animation to avoid same display is remained for a long period of time. Certain BenQ monitor and large format display comes with built in power saving function. Please check the user manual of your BenQ monitor or larger format display for more information.

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