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Do I need to install the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) driver in Windows for my BenQ monitor? Is there an updated version of the WHQL driver?


Microsoft pre-installs all relevant certifications and drivers for BenQ monitors in Windows.

It is not necessary to install any driver in a Windows desktop or notebook, as BenQ monitors are plug & play displays. 

If there is no image on the screen, make sure your graphics card is activate and uses the latest driver version. Unlike monitors, graphics cards and adapters are not always plug & play.


BenQ only puts one ICC profile in the WHQL driver which can be downloaded from BenQ's official website, and is fine-tuned for the color space of the native panel. In general, the ICC profile won’t be updated unless the panel model is changed.

To follow user manual instructions to install a WHQL driver, the ICC profile (.icm file) will be applied in Windows on your PC.

After that, the color space of the native panel will be identified by your desktop or notebook.

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