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How to know if ICCsync is working properly?

Your Mac applies the selected color profiles in MacOS but won’t see the color switch in Windows due to the OS architecture.Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

In macOS, when you launch ICCsync, your Mac will apply the color profiles you've selected in an instant. However, you will not see the color switch in Windows due to the OS architecture. To check if your Windows laptop has applied the selected color profile, you can:


  1. Open your Photoshop or any application which reads the embedded ICC profiles, you will see that the color profile is applied and displayed correctly.
  2. Follow the path to check:


Right-click your desktop, then select Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Color Settings, then go to Color management > Select your device on the Device tab, then you can see the corresponding ICC profile at the list below.

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