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What is Brightness Intelligence Technology?

3 minutes to know what it is and why does it matter?

Brightness Intelligence

Inconsistent Lighting can damage our Eyes!

Using electronic devices in dimly lit environments causes sore eyes and eye fatigue. Difference between ambient light and the light from the display can cause eyestrain. For example, if people have a very bright display in a dimly lit room, their eyes need to use more energy to focus. Or, when switching from dark to bright scenes on screen, our eyes need to constantly adjust the pupils to accommodate the brightness difference, which can also cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Although this is easily prevented by turning on a lamp to minimize the difference between the ambient light and the screen brightness, shadows and reflections produced by ambient light combined with uneven light from the monitor can also cause eyestrain. For example, when using the monitor beside a desk lamp, the eyes will need to work harder to avoid the glare caused by the reflection, resulting in eyestrain

To fix this the issue of screen brightness, in 2016, BenQ launched Brightness Intelligence Technology.

BenQ Brightness Intelligence Technology

Brightness Intelligence Technology utilizes the Ambient Light Sensor to detect the amount of ambient light in the viewing environment and automatically adjusts display brightness to the most suitable levels. For example, when the sensor detects much ambient light during the daytime, the algorithm will increase the screen brightness; vice versa, the screen brightness will be decreased when the night comes.

Brightness Intelligence

The exclusive algorithm in Brightness Intelligence Technology calculates the appropriate screen brightness for ambient light conditions in real time. When on-screen brightness matches the brightness of ambient light, the eyes don't have to constantly adapt to the difference between dark and light areas.

Brightness Intelligence Technology also utilizes BenQ Luminance Engine and Color Engine which detect the intensity of the content and adjust the image to ensure that bright scenes don’t get overexposed and dark areas automatically adjust to maintain a visible level of contrast, helping to reduce eyestrain

Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+Tech)

The BenQ Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+Tech) technology goes a step further. A built-in ambient light sensor detects the changing light levels and the color temperature in your viewing environment, automatically adjusting on-screen brightness and color temperature to fit your surroundings. It also gradually adjusts brightness based on one's usage time.

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