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Mini Portable Video Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker | GV1

  • Hassle free wireless set-up with auto keystone and 15 degree tilt for a big, squared picture, quickly and with ease.

  • Personalized Entertainment Hub supported by cross-platform content and a bluetooth speaker.

  • User friendly connectivity with HDMI and USB-C


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Expert Review
The Perfect Portable Projector is here!

by Average Tech Guy's Review

A Night In My Life

by Taylor Sison

That’s really cool and I am just literally obsessed with it I can watch Netflix , I can watch YouTube all that stuff…when I’m working during the day I will have this on and like I’ll just like play a YouTube video on the side.

6 Jutaan Dapat Display 100 Inci + Fitur Android SmartTV?

by Jagat Review

BenQ Mini-Projector GV1 adalah perpaduan proyektor, AndroidTV box, dan Speaker portable, dalam paket mungil yang dilengkapi baterai dan fitur wireless (Wifi + Bluetooth + Infrared).

Design Portable Projector TER-Favorit

by Bestindotech

Portable projector dengan design paling gue favoritin. Buat WFH jadi makin asyik!

User Experience

"Kecil2 keren! hasil gambarnya oke dan tajam di cahaya redup. Wajib nih buat yang travelling dan suka nonton layar besar. Semua cara koneksi bisa."



"Play SWITCH with this projector is so Good😍Overall every thing was awesome.The body is tiny, project image is clear, and the batteries life is long lasting. The cons is the systems inside was not so user friendly it take some time to adapt it.But!!! do contact the customer service any if facing any problem, theirs after sales service were top class😍😍."



"Lengkap untuk ukuran mini projector buat nonton dan meeting sampai 100inch. ada speaker & remotenya juga! worth it & recommended"



"Amaze sama kualitas barang ini, bisa mengobati sudah lama ga bisa ke bioskop."