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2K HDRi 144Hz Eye Care Gaming Monitor with 27-inch | EX2780Q

  • 2K (QHD) High Resolution & 144Hz Refresh Rate

  • HDRi Technology = Brightness Intelligence Plus + HDR Technology

  • 2.1 Channel treVolo Speakers


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Media Review
The Best Gaming Monitor for Console or PC? | BenQ EX2780Q & EW3280U [2020]

The BenQ EX2780Q & EW3280U are one of the most popular monitors in the market right now from BenQ, for gamers on both console and PC. Gaming, editing, entertainment with great colors - DCI P3 & 10 Bit FRC with a great IPS Panel. 144Hz, Remote Control, Superior Sound by treVolo, and a lot more!

User Experience
EX2780Q review

'' good response from the seller store, penghantaran juga dalam tempoh yang dijanjikan, cumanya kotak item order tidak ditutup sebagai langkah keselamatan barangan supaya dilindungi daripada diketahui isi barangan (safety purposes) sepatutnya gunakan plastik hitam dari lutsinar. Monitor berfungsi sangat puas hati jelas dan terang IPS dengan HDRi Technology''



EX2780Q review

"Nice i received it within 3 days and the monitor looks awesome🤩🤩🤩"



EX2780Q review

A great monitor. "Looks good when i hooked up my Xbox and the speaker sounds great. Worth your money"



EX2780Q review

"Fantastic Monitor -I was really surprised by how natural it looked, not overly colorful where everything appears cartoonish. It actually made the game more realistic looking, grass and foliage appeared much more detailed and natural green tones."